Thursday, June 1, 2023

MALT dismayed over power outages at Mangkolemba

Mangkolemba Ao Lanur Telongjem (MALT) on Wednesday, expressed dismay over frequent power outages at Mangkolemba town, under Mokokchung district.
In a statement, MALT president, I Tia Jamir stated that the town has been reeling under darkness for the past three days and the supply has not been restored.
Pointing out that power cuts during rainy season was often not restored on time, the organisation stated that power infrastructure in the town was worn and required “major overhaul.” On contacting resident SDO (Power) to restore the supply and to improve power infrastructure in the town, MALT learnt that there were technical issues and that these could only be resolved through technical support staff who were not in the station. In this regard, MALT has appealed to the concerned authority to look into the matter, send required manpower and resolve the same without delay.


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