Monday, November 28, 2022

Man sentenced to 3 yrs imprisonment for injuring mother

Court of Sessions Judge Phek has convicted and sentenced a person identified as Humuzo K Tarato three years imprisonment for committing grievous hurt against his aged mother.
In a press release, public prosecutor, Phek, Samuel Ritse stated that while pronouncing the sentence, the sessions judge, Mezivolu T Therieh, observed that the accused at the time of commission of the offence was 29 years old, who has come of age and should be taking care of his old aged parents, had instead been ill-treating his mother not only mentally and financially but physically leading to the incident.
The judge said the accused used a machete (dao) for committing grievous hurt upon his mother knowing that use of such a sharp weapon would cause grievous hurt and make his mother suffer such bodily pain due to the injury. Accordingly, the judge convicted the accused under Section 326 of the Indian Penal Code.

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