Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mangkolemba SDPDB monthly meeting held

Mangkolemba Sub-divisional Planning and Development Board (SDPDB) monthly meeting was held on June 2 at Customary Law Court, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Office Complex, Mangkolemba under the chairmanship of ADC and vice chairman Mangkolemba, SDPDB, T Lankosen Tsanglao.
According to a DIPR report, the meeting was also attended by minister, Tourism & Higher Education and chairman Mangkolemba SDPDB, Temjen Imna Along, and advisor, Transport & Technical Education, Temjenmenba.
Addressing the members, Temjen Imna Along said SDPDB Mangkolemba, being an independent planning board, the village council members and village development boards of the three ranges, and the Head of Offices (HoOs) of various departments, should actively participate in the meeting by addressing their grievances and presenting agenda for the upliftment of the subdivision.
Advisor Temjenmenba also exhorted the HoOs to actively execute their assigned duty with absolute dedication.
The meeting discussed various agendas and PPTs were also presented by BDOs of Mangkolemba, Longchem and Tsurangkong and SDO Water Resources Mangkolemba.


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