Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Manipur BJP on appeasement mission after mass exodus


The ruling BJP in Manipur is on an appeasement mission after mass exodus of aspirant candidates who missed the tickets along with their workers and supporters.
The state BJP is facing departure of party workers and supporters in large numbers after it released the first and final list of candidates for the ensuing elections to the Manipur Legislative Assembly on January 30 last.
While leaving the party, party mandal leaders had even declared abolition of party units.
“We sat together with some of the aspirant candidates who were denied party tickets and party workers. We convinced them to remain in the party,” senior party leader and chief minister N Biren Singh said.
They (aspirant candidates) have also agreed to support the party sponsored candidates, Singh claimed, while talking to reporters on the sideline of a function held at state BJP head office in Imphal on Wednesday. Singh said that the appeasement mission is continuing.
He claimed that the protests and agitations were only in five or six constituencies and it would not have a major impact to the party electioneering, adding that electioneering was normal in the remaining constituencies
According to the chief minister, the list of candidates for the party was finalized by the party Central leaders after a survey of their own.
As the party ticket was to be offered to only one candidate in a constituency, the party did face difficulties. Singh stated that the rejection of the party ticket did not mean that they were unworthy or unqualified.
On the other hand, the chief minister reiterated that BJP will go alone in the poll while saying confidently that the party can form a government of its own after the elections with a comfortable two-third majority.
“We know that the people of Manipur want the BJP. They protested because they wanted the BJP. They only showed resentment after their desired candidate was denied the ticket,” he said.
He even said that though there was no pre-poll alliance, the party will open the option of post-poll alliance.
“When we are weak, we form alliances with other parties. But, our party is strong enough to stand alone. We have clearly told them to fight the elections at their own level best,” he said.
“We may have a post-poll alliance after the elections if need arises. We are still not to break up ties with them still,” the chief minister said.
The chief minister along with other senior party leaders like state unit president A Sarda Devi attended an Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan held at the state BJP head office.
On the occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the gathering virtually.

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