Sunday, June 4, 2023

Manipur violence: AR evacuates 47 Konyak girls

Altogether 47 girls of the Konyak community from Nagaland have been evacuated from Yairipok town under Thoubal district Manipur on Tuesday.
According to PRO (Defence) the girls, working at a Veneer factory on hourly wages basis, were evacuated by Assam Rifles team under the aegis of IGAR (North).
Meanwhile, PRO also informed that the second batch of Nagas who were supposed to be evacuated on Tuesday will be brought back on Wednesday.
PRO said that since more people had contacted them, the evacuation team will coordinate and bring back the stranded people to Kohima on May 10.
KU appeals for peace
While acknowledging the state government and Inspector General of Assam Rifles (North), Kohima for rescuing and ensuring safe return of Nagas stranded in Manipur, Konyak Union (KU) has expressed deep concern and pain over the loss of innocent lives and property in the ongoing conflict in Manipur.
KU president Tingthok Konyak and general secretary Manpang K Wangyen also strongly condemned the large scale violence perpetrated on both sides without any regard for human dignity. KU expressed anguish at the unprecedented violence, arson, deliberate attack on places of worship and falsely painting communal colour to the conflict by different outlets and groups with vested interests. They said such distortions created distrust among people of different faiths co-existing in the region.
As violence only begets violence, KU emphasised that both parties explored ways to engage in a positive dialogue and address the differences. They said peace would only prevail when the majority and minority groups had mutual respect for each other and no group was discriminated against on the basis of their differences.
“…May goodwill prevail among all communities in the state of Manipur,” they appealed. KU expressed solidarity with the victims and their families and prayed for early restoration of peace in Manipur. They also called upon different groups to shun all forms of violence and pursue the path of peace in the region.
Further, KU appealed to the Centre, Manipur government and stakeholders to explore ways and take immediate measures to ensure safety and security of all.


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