Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Mannen inaugurates watch tower at Longkhum village

Advisor of Law & Justice, Land Revenue, TN Mannen inaugurated the monument hall-cum-watch tower of Longkumtoshi Pongen at Pongen Salang, Longkhum village on October 24.

Speaking on the occasion, the advisor paid tribute to Longkhum village for producing many luminaries who have contributed for the Naga society in the past and even today.

Citing the example of the legendary warrior Longkumtoshi Pongen, who led his comrade to a resounding victory in the battle of Nokrang, the advisor challenged the clansmen and women of Pongener clan to shoulder the responsibility of becoming the vanguard towards the path of unity amongst the Ao tribe.

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He also encouraged the gathering to strive for brotherhood and unity amongst the clansmen and villages, leaving aside the temporal division through differing political principles.
Earlier at the program, Rev. T. Aka Jamir, pastor LBA dedicated the memorial hall cum watch tower and invocation by Zulu Sor, Pastor, NCRC, Longkhum.

A brief story on Longkumtoshi Pongen was narrated by Tongpok Pongen (Tatar). Guru T. Bendangwati Pongen, president, Aoli Pongen Mungdang and C. Angang Council Chairman, Longkhum, delivered the welcome speech. A traditional song was presented by Mejensanger, Pongen Kidong, Longkhum. Arogotsür, Alichen Baptist Arogo and Tiasola Imchen also presented special songs marking the occasion.

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