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Mastering The Game Of Online Teen Patti: Tips And Tricks

When it comes to card games, one of the most popular ones is Teen Patti. With online Teen Patti, more and more people are playing the game with huge welcome bonuses and cash prizes. 

We brush up on the rules of Teen Patti before we go into easy tips and tricks that help you win the game. 

Rules of Teen Patti

  • You need 3 to 6 players for this game, and a standard 52-card pack is used
  • You bet a fixed amount, and each player is dealt three cards after collecting the boot amount. The minimum bet is known as the boot amount and is kept inside a pot at the middle of the table 
  • Terms like call and raise are important. When a player wants to continue without raising the stakes, it’s a call, but when the player agrees to raise the bet before continuing, it’s a raise 
  • All bets should be of equal amounts, so if the other player places 4 coins, you need to place 4 coins too. Based on the ranking of cards, the one with the highest-ranked cards at the end of the game is the winner 

To ace the game, here are some terms you should know.

Set or Trail

Three cards having the same rank is a set. The highest-ranked set is three aces, and the lowest is two. 

Straight Flush or Pure Sequence

Three consecutive cards part of the same suit comprise a straight flush.


Three consecutive cards that are not part of the same suit.


Three cards that are not consecutive but are part of the same suit. 

Two Same Rank Cards or Pair

The higher-ranked card in a pair wins. For a same-value pair, the winner is decided by the kicker’s card.

High Card

A high card is used in the following situation

  • Three cards are not in a sequence
  • No card is from the same suit
  • All cards have different values

If there are two common high cards, the player with the next highest card wins. Now that we have gone over the Teenpatti ruleslet’s discuss some winning moves.

Tips for Winning Teen Patti Online

Follow these tips to become a Teen Patti champion.

Focus on Higher Winning Percentages

Your goal is not to win every time but to improve your winning percentage and reduce your losses.

The more wins you have, the bigger your long-term profits from Teen Patti.

Learn to Bluff

Even if you have a strong hand, don’t let others know. Let a couple of rounds pass so that the pot size goes up.

The more rounds played before you reveal your card, the more cash you will have if you win.

Create Your Image and Encash It

This tip works when you are playing high-stakes with large pots. This is not meant for beginners playing the game. 

Follow a pattern that the other players believe is your style. If you have a strong hand, call a raise after two rounds when you have a strong hand.

This is a bluff, too, since you can follow the same process with a weak hand and fool your opponents. The opponents think they know your pattern and feel you have a strong hand.

Don’t Overdo Bluffs

Your opponents can detect bluffs just like they can sense a pattern. Sometimes, it’s better to fold and try to get a better opportunity. 

Understand Your Opponent’s Playing Style

While your opponents try to understand your playing style to get the upper hand, you must do the same. If your opponents raise when they have a strong hand, they have revealed a pattern, and winning becomes easy.  

A player, for example, who calls when they have a pair of 8s or higher, you know how often you can win against this player. Depending on the cards, the pot size, and your opponent’s playing pattern, you can take a call. 

Keep a Steady Head

When you fold, you tend to lose interest in that round of the game since you feel it’s over for you. Avoid this, since you can gain from this situation.

Use this opportunity to check the bets of others and hands shown. Learn from such situations. 

Confuse Your Opponents

When your opponents feel they’ve read your image clearly, it’s time for a switch. Whether it’s a strong or weak hand, have a passive approach to fool your opponents. 

Now that you have the winning strategies, where do you play Teen Patti?

Sites Where You Can Play Teen Patti

Choose a reliable site like 10Cric, Genesis Casino, JeetPlay Casino and Casino planet to play Teen patti online. Below are some reasons you should try this casino.

Data Safety

You don’t have to worry about security issues since casinos like genesis live casino is UK Gambling Commission certified. Games are completely transparent.

Variety of Games

You can choose from various online games like table games, live casinos, jackpots, and 1000 slots. 

Live Casino

You can play many international games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Teen Patti, and more. 

Promotions & Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus: With these live casinos, you can expect many rewards, like a welcome bonus and no deposit bonuses. Regular players can enjoy credit points as part of the loyalty programs. Apart from the cash bonus, you can also get free spins. 
  • Weekly Bonus: You will have missions to solve on this platform, and every completed mission earns you a bonus
  • Lightspeed Monday: Enjoy free spins every Monday if you have played games worth Rs 1000.

Compatible Devices

Not only can you play the games on laptops or tablets, but many of these live casinos are also compatible with mobile phones. However, an app is still missing. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

There are multiple payment modes on these casinos, like Skrill or Visa, so you can make deposits and withdrawals smoothly.

With all these features,these live casinos are ideal for Teen Patti or any other game.


The teen Patti rules are easy, and so are the winning strategies discussed here! Go through the game’s rules, and then start using these strategies while playing online Teen Patti. 

Start small, and keep practising the tips till you are confident. Become a Teen Patti champion and play on sites reviewed by reliable platforms. 

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