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Mega mock drill of NEPEx held across the state

State-wide mega mock drill of Nagaland Emergency Preparedness Exercise (NEPEx) on earthquake disaster scenario of 8.7 magnitude was conducted under the guidance of respective District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs), Thursday.
The mega mock drill was carried out under Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) as per the directive of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to test the capability of the State to respond and manage any mega disaster.
According to DIPR reports, mock drills were conducted as per the Incident Response System (IRS) of the respective districts. An earthquake like scenario was staged for the mock drill which began with triggering of siren at 9 a.m., informing the occurrence of earthquake to the District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC). The Responsible Officer (RO) briefed the incident commander and command staff after which the officials along with Incident Response Team (IRT) rushes to the area to take stock of the situation and resource mobilization. During the entire drill, reports from incident sites are passed to the DEOC and are conveyed by the RO to the incident commander and information officer, and then passed on to the operation section chief. The exercise concluded with a debriefing of the IRT and comments from section chiefs and observers.


Dimapur: In Dimapur, the staging area was set up at the Nagaland stadium Dimapur while Pantaloons, Forest department residential area, GHS Lengrijan and GHS Sarbura were the incident sites. During the mock drill, a scenario of three deaths, nine seriously injured and eight sustaining minor injuries were enacted. All the victims were evacuated and given medical attention at the hospital and casualties were kept in the mortuary. During debriefing, ADC Dimapur, who was the incident commander, said that such mock drills are conducted to test the preparedness level and to evaluate the resource statistics of the stakeholder departments. ADC said mock drills were necessary for coordinating the activities of various agencies for their optimum utilisation and also for using the feedback for identifying gaps in order to improve the resource capabilities for facing actual disasters. The mock drill was carried out by DDMA Dimapur in collaboration with NSDMA, NDRF and SDRF.

Tuensang: Mock exercise was conducted at Tuensang town with incident sites at DC office old building, the Old PWD complex, and under construction building of the District & Session court. The staging area was done at the parade ground, a makeshift hospital was arranged at the badminton stadium and de-briefing was conducted at Town Hall Tuensang. The SDRF, Fire & Emergency Services, DEF, CMO & staff, wireless, DPRO departments, and NCC took part in the session. In the de-briefing session, DC Tuensang, Kumar Ramnikant, encouraged teamwork by the concerned stakeholders and also advised them to be cooperative and coordinate between the stakeholders in the future. He also advised all to be prepared in their respective responsibility to respond in the time of eventualities.
Chief Medical Officer Tuensang, Dr. Keveduyi Theyo also encouraged his staff and others to be prepared to perform duties irrespective of leaves or shifts when a disaster occurs. Observer, V.G Commandant, Yanchu Chang also commented on the loopholes in the entire operation.

Kiphire: The mock exercise in Kiphire was held at three locations- Government Higher Secondary School, Daily Bazaar, and District Agriculture Office respectively. The rescue method was held in two manners-fire scenario and earthquake. The main staging area was set up at Helipad ground Kiphire and the relief camp at Local ground Kiphire where the line departments and stakeholders reported after the siren was sounded to respond to the disaster. A rescue crew involving 60 personnel from fire and Emergency Services and Nagaland Police was dispatched to the incident location and reported 18 casualties, four deaths and 14 minor injuries who were sent to the medical team for further treatment and first aid. 80 volunteers from different schools and colleges, government departments and agencies activity participated and played their respective roles and responsibilities assigned to them in the incident response system.

Shamator: Shamator DDMA along with 12 Battalion National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team conducted NEPEx at St. Xavier School Campus. During a programme, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Shamator, Thsuvisie Phoji thanked the NDMA and NSDMA officials and staff for coming to the Shamator, one of the newest districts of Nagaland, to educate the public through demonstration.

Peren: DDMA Peren in collaboration with district administration and line departments conducted the mock exercises at Christian Hr Sec School, ITMS, St. Xavier Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School, daily market, and residential area. During the exercise, it was reported that Jalukie-Dimapur and Jalukie to Peren roads were completely blocked due to major landslides and also some houses were on fire. From all the incident sites, casualties were taken to the staging area by the rescue teams where they were taken care of depending on the conditions. Observers, 25th AR Dy. Commandant, Vijay Pal Singh, Barail Valley School administrator, Daniel Zeliang and CVO Peren, Dr. Namsiu Thou, highlighted certain areas where improvement was needed.

Kohima: Kohima DDMA conducted the annual NEPEx during which a simulated earthquake scenario was created at five locations- Grace Higher Secondary School Bayavü, Dr. N. Kire Govt. Hr Sec School Siekhazou, Mt. Olive College Daklane, Mao Market BOC, and one resident House No. A236 at Officer’s Hill.
SDRF, medical, fire and emergency services, police personnel, and Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) were involved in the search and rescue operation where a total of 19 casualties, two deaths, four seriously injured, and nine with mild injuries. The mild injuries were administered with first aid by the rescue teams and serious casualties were taken to NHAK for necessary medical treatment.
Police personnel were also deputed for crowd management at some affected sites. The main staging area was staged at the ground of T.M Govt. Hr Sec School Kohima where all the line departments and stakeholders reported.
The main observers for the exercise were Lt. Col. 1 Assam Rifle, S. Jamir; deputy commandant 10th NAP (IR), Limaakum Jamir; deputy commandant 4th NAP, Matsungshilu; deputy commandant 37 BSF Chedema, K.S. Meena and assistant commandant CRPF, R. J. Prasanna.

Chumoukedima: The mock drill exercise in Chumoukedima was done by projecting a real-life situation. No prior traffic arrangements were made and the rescue teams were also assigned their tasks on the spot from the staging areas, where all the resources were kept ready. The mock drill exercise was conducted in two locations, DC office and CTC office.
The exercise concluded with a de-briefing session held at Emergency Operation Centre, CTC. At the session, the observer briefed the best and the worst practices observed during the mock drill and also shared suggestions and feedback on improvements needed to ensure effective response during a disaster in the future with minimum loss of time and resources.
Further, the concerned departments were asked to know the IRS structure roles and responsibilities to tackle any kind of disaster situation in the future.

Noklak: The mock exercise was held at Noklak HQ. During the exercise, a fire incident was reported on the 1st and 2nd floor of Christian High School, Noklak. One severe and two minor injuries at Holy Angels School, Noklak, one severely injured, and two with minor injuries at St. Paul School Noklak, one serious and two minor injuries at the Marketplace, one dead body was recovered at the Residential site/Judicial Branch, DC Noklak.
The SDRF team from Tuensang participated in assisting the rescue and operations. The exercise was witnessed by hundreds of people especially students from different schools.

Mon: DDMA Mon conducted the mock drill exercise which was carried out in four incident sites at Home Guard & Civil Defence & SDRF Office, KNSK building, DPRO office building and District Hospital. Four strike teams comprising SDRF, F&ES, and medical personnel were dispatched to the incident sites.
Niuland: DDMA Niuland conducted the NEPEx at Niuland Town where the team quickly set up the ICP led by IC at the public ground. All units got activated for the response. Meanwhile, the two observers witnessed the entire event of the mock drill and suggested that the community first responders’ team should be more proactive in the real-time disaster scenario.
Tseminyu: The mock exercise in Tseminyu was conducted at Baptist Higher Secondary School Tseminyu, Government High School new town and Residential Building and Market Area, Tseminyu. Altogether 60 casualties, 13 dead, 12 seriously injured, and 35 minor injuries were reported from different areas.

Zunheboto: The mock exercise was conducted on an earthquake scenario. The exercise was carried out to test the capability of the state in responding and also managing any mega-disaster.
Mokokchung: DDMA Mokokchung conducted a mock drill in Mokokchung, which was participated by SDRF, Fire Service, Assam Rifles personnel and volunteers.

Phek: In Phek district, the staging area for relief camp, Incident Command Post, Operation Section, and Planning Section were set up at the local ground in Phek Town. The mock exercise was conducted by following work distributions in the district level IRS structure of various sections. DC and chairman DDMA Phek, Razouvolie Dozo, encouraged stakeholders to be courageous in event of actual calamities.

Longleng: A mock exercise commenced at local ground, Longleng with sounding of siren followed by Responsible Officer (RO) instructing Incident Commander (IC) to take stock of the situation. After completion of the exercise, DC and RO Longleng, Dharam Raj informed that mock exercise was to be prepared to face the actual eventuality and urged the participants to keep on performing the drill with available resources so they are prepared to respond to any calamity.

Wokha: In Wokha, the mock exercise was conducted at four locations namely Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Libemo Memorial School, District Employment Office, and Daily Bazaar Wokha. During the exercise, 74 different types of injuries and casualties were categorized which was demonstrated by personnel of SDRF and Home Guards & Civil Defence staff on how to perform search and rescue and to provide first aid.

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