Friday, June 2, 2023

Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma joins cleanliness drive in Mawlai

Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Saturday participated in a symbolic ‘cleanliness drive’ of the Umsohlang-Umshing stream, which is a lifeline of the people of Mawlai in Shillong, reports East Mojo.
The drive was organised by the Bio Diversity Management Committee Kynton Massar, Mawlai in Shillong.
Sangma hailed the efforts of the residents of Mawlai in preservation of the crucial water source.
Notably, the Umsohlang-Umshing stream has been the lifeline of the people of Mawlai for generations. The cleanliness drive is one of the significant initiatives in preservation of the water source, the chief minister said.
During the cleanliness drive, the chief minister also announced a mission-mode programme to aid the locals of the 5 Dorbar Shnong in preserving the water body.


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