Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Metsübo stresses on identifying community needs

Staff Reporter

Minister for Rural Development, Metsübo Jamir on Monday said community requirements must overcome individual needs in order to identify local needs and resources.
This he said, could help changemakers understand how to improve their communities in the most logical and efficient way possible.
Speaking as the guest of honor at the inaugural programme of CC road, unity village, under Chümoukedima district, Metsübo stressed on the importance of constructing wider roads and building a masterplan on the importance of drainage system.
On the departmental aspects, the minister said although Chümoukedima and Dimapur have been blessed, the only problem and drawback was that, they were not cultivable and had less farmland.
In this regard, he said that the village should start working towards value addition through various activities.
During the report of the CC road, VDB Unity village, secretary Athonlo Thyug informed that the 850-meter road was constructed through MGNREGA fund and contributions from well-wishers.
The road was completed within a period of one month and began in the month of July, 2022.
In a brief speech, Sovima village council chairman, Sebastian Zumvu said Sovima village was in the process of creating blueprint for drainage system in the village, which he said, would be passed to the administrative.
He encouraged the villages to opt for that plan, since drainage was the main problem which led to floods.
Speeches were also delivered by DRDA Dimapur project director Kethosituo Sekhose and VDB association Tohoshe Awomi.
Earlier, dedicatory prayer was offered by Chakhesang Baptist Church, unity village, pastor Keviyalie Rume.
The programme was chaired by unity village council secretary I Abenjang, invocation by Ao Baptist Arogo unity village, pastor L Panger Jamir, welcome address by head GB unity village K Kikheshe Aye and vote of thanks was proposed by unity village council chairman Hetoka Awomi while benediction was offered by NCRC unity village pastor Khatovi Sheqi.


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