Sunday, February 5, 2023

MHPF reacts to joint statement of AAPO, AAYO

Mopong Hongkong Public Forum (MHPF) has termed as “purely a political gimmick” the joint statement of Angjangyang Area Public Organization (AAPO) and Angjangyang Area Youth Organization (AAYO).
In a press release, MHPF president Neangba Konyak and general secretary H Angnyei Konyak stated that EAC Longching was upgraded to SDO (Civil) and shifted to present Angjangyang in 2008 covering the jurisdiction- Mohung, Sowa, Longching Village, Changlang, Angphang, Angjangyang Village, Jakphang and Sowa Changle.
The forum said it was only in 2014, when EAC Longching along with Mohung, Sowa, Longching Village and Sowa Changle were retained and brought under Aboi Sub-Division and Angjangyang Hq, Changlang, Angphang, Angjangyang and Jakphang villages emained under Angjangyang sub-division.
MHPF said in the same year, the government vide order, Mopong EAC headquarters was brought under Angjangyang Sub-division and placed under Aboi ADC. It said Mopong EAC was brought under Angjangyang SDO (Civil) without any consultation from the people of Mopong Circle.
MHPF said during creation of RD Block Angjangyang, Mopong people did not want to be included under Angjangyang RD Block and wanted to remain under Tobu RD Block.
However, it said leaders of Angjangyang Block requested Mopong people and the final meeting was held at Mopong EAC Hq in 2011. During the meeting, Mopong circle agreed to join RD Block Angjangyang.
It said the meeting held on August 17, 2021 with KU, MHSU and GBs Union of Mopong Circle with KU, LASU and Adhoc Town Committee of Angjangyang, mentioned by AAPO and AAYO, was to discuss district demand by Tobu and formation of Common Civil Societies and Organization under 48 A/C Moka, but did not materialize till date.
MHPF said there was no discussion regarding administrative jurisdiction issue during that meeting.

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