Monday, February 6, 2023

M’laya BJP optimisitc to lead govt in 2023


BJP minister in the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government, Sanbor Shullai on Tuesday backed Ernest Mawrie to continue as president of the State BJP, even as he exuded confidence that the BJP will lead the government in Meghalaya in 2023.
Shullai’s statement comes at a time when a section of the BJP members, including BJP national vice president in-charge Meghalaya, M. Chuba Ao, are baying for Mawrie’s blood over the style of functioning as state party president. Ao even asked Mawrie to “gracefully retire”.
What angers the BJP leaders most was when Mawrie stirred up the hornet’s nest with his startling revelation that the party might not allot ticket to the two sitting BJP legislators (Shullai and veteran BJP legislator Alexander Laloo Hek) and to those sitting legislators from other political parties, who are warming up to join the saffron party for the 2023 state assembly elections, if the survey report yield bad data against them.
Endorsing Mawrie’s stance on the allotment of party tickets to candidates, Shullai said, “Mawrie should be allowed to complete his term and a change of president at this point of time is nothing but suicidal for the party.”
“The need of the hour is to stand united and work collectively,” the BJP minister said, adding that he has personally spoken with Ao and will also speak with other central leaders and request everyone to hold on to the change of party president at this crucial hour.
“I would appeal to all the leaders to work for the party and since the time is limited so a change of state president at this hour is too late and that it may trigger a collapse with karyakartas and leaders resigning en-masse as reorganizing the party at this short time will not be possible,” the BJP minister asserted.
“I personally feel that Mawrie has stood by the party during the recent crisis and that he has lifted the morale of party karyakartas in Garo hills,” Shullai said, apparently referring to the recent arrest of state BJP vice president Bernard N. Marak, who is accused of running a brothel from his farmhouse in Garo Hills.
Welcoming the news of sitting Trinamool Congress (TMC) legislator, Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang joining the BJP, Shullai said, “He will be a right choice for Mawsynram and personally speak with party leaders there to work together with him.”
Stating that he is in touch with MLAs, MDCs from Jaintia Hills and will ensure that more than five seats are won from Khasi and Jaintia Hills this time, the BJP minister exuded confidence that BJP will cross the double digit mark in the upcoming elections, but said that infighting and groupism within the party should end immediately.
“The BJP will lead the government in 2023 and I will continue to defend my party in case any other political party or leader tries to tarnish the image of BJP,” Shullai iteirated.
He said the BJP both at the centre and Meghalaya has worked tirelessly for the people along with other coalition members and have never resorted to divisive politics but rather provided stability and full support on all fronts.

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