Tuesday, March 21, 2023

M’laya only state denying education to children: Mukul

Opposition leader and former Meghalaya CM Dr Mukul Sangma hit out at the National People’s Party and its allies over what he called “denial of knowledge” to children in the state due to the government not recruiting teachers in schools.
He made the statement while campaigning for the Rongjeng candidate of the party, Sengnam M Marak. Marak is a former MLA of the constituency and was in the village of Rongchek Akong to garner support for his candidature for the upcoming elections.
According to Eastmojo report, Mukul had earlier touched down at Mawshynrut in West Khasi Hills and Phulbari in the plain belt in West Garo Hills before coming to the village in East Garo Hills to speak on behalf of his party member in the lead-up to voting. He was greeted by a crowd of close to 1,000 in the remote hamlet.
“This is the only state in the country where once a teacher retires, there is no recruitment done. This has led to the closure of schools and children being left without an education. The children we promised quality education have been deprived. This is despite the overall constitutional obligation and the law that has been passed – the right to education. Do you think these kinds of vested people can be given the responsibility to lead the state in the future as well,” asked Mukul.
He added that the move of the NPP-led government to shun recruitment was not only unethical and illegal but also unconstitutional.
Earlier during the meeting, the TMC leader stated he had contacted the government on the issue of recruitment of teachers and was told that it would only be undertaken when all recruitment was complete. When he asked for a temporary solution to ensure children were not deprived of an education, the only answer, he stated he got, was that it would only be undertaken after all recruitment was completed.
“Is this a joke to them? This is the future of our children that we are talking of. Will recruitment not take time? We have seen that this government has not been keen to fill up posts that are already there in the state and this has brought children out of schools. Are these the people you are looking to vote for,” he asked those present.
The small village is one of the remotest parts of the state and Mukul admitted that it was the first time that he had paid a visit, though he had tried once earlier but failed as the chopper developed a technical snag in the run-up to the 2018 polls.
Countering the claims of the NPP who called the promises by the TMC, ‘We Card’ and ‘MYE Card’ as baaki (credit) cards, Mukul Sangma stated that it just showed their (NPP’s) mindset.
“Their priorities don’t reflect the larger interests of the state. Democracy states that when a political party makes a pledge or promise in an election manifesto, it becomes binding on the part of the political party, if it receives the mandate of the people, to implement and fulfil these promises and pledges. That is the spirit of democracy. These are based on our understanding of governance and its associated challenges. If they want to know how we are going to do it, they should come and join our political party,” said Mukul.
Further, he stated that the support for the AITC is palpable everywhere and will hold them in very good stead in the coming days.
Earlier, speaking at the gathering, Sengnam stated that most of the development of the constituency of Rongjeng had been initiated by the then Congress-led Mukul Sangma government and he would work on ensuring this development once again comes to the constituency if the people put their trust in him once again.


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