Friday, January 27, 2023

M’laya polls: Ex-deputy CM Bindo M Lanong to contest as independent


Veteran leader and founding member of the regional party United Democratic Party (UDP) in poll-bound Meghalaya, Bindo Mathew Lanong on Friday announced his decision not to leave the party, but he would continue to revolt against the party leadership by contesting the election from Nongkrem Assembly constituency.
Speaking to media persons in Shillong, Lanong, the former Speaker, informed that he would not take the drum, which is the symbol of the UDP.
“After the election, I will re-organise the party because I am the founding member of the UDP, and I belong to this party which I consider as my baby,” Lanong said.
Lanong was denied UDP ticket to contest from Nongkrem constituency, and UDP President Metbah Lyngdoh has favoured former Independent MLA, LamborMalngiang, who was never a member of the party.
“I have decided to be with the party, though I was rejected by two or three people of the party. I will not break the party now, and I contest this election on an independent symbol, but after the election, I will re-organise the party with my colleagues,” the veteran politician said.
Lanong further warned that the political career of two-three leaders of the UDP, who are opposing his candidature, is finished as “they have no chance of winning the elections”.
“(This) is nothing but a leadership issue. They are my juniors. All of them are my juniors. When UDP was formed in 1997, they were not there. They were not even in politics. I brought JeminoMawthoh in 2013 and he won from Nongthymmai. Metbah Lyngdoh joined the UDP in 2008. Where were they when UDP was formed in 1997? Paul Lyngdoh came in 2009. I was there when he joined the UDP. Therefore, as I told you, two-three leaders are already finished,” he said.
UDP General Secretary Dr. Jemino Mawthoh had said that the decision to field Malngiang was a collective one by the party considering the winnability.

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