Friday, March 24, 2023

M’laya should be free from dynastic politics: PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday held a massive road show here in this mountainous state capital of Meghalaya, wooing voters to install a BJP-led government as the saffron party further intensified its poll campaign to be in power in the state.
Modi started his roadshow from State central library premises upto Khyndai Lad in downtown Shillong where he addressed an election rally after paying floral tributes to three freedom fighters of Meghalaya, U Tirot Sing, U Kiang Nangbah and Pa Togan.
A huge crowd of people were seen standing on both sides of the road while the Prime Minister was also seen waving to the crowd by the road, even as BJP supporters chanted ‘Modi-Modi’ in excitement as the PM’s convoy passed through the streets of Shillong.
Wooing voters of Meghalaya to vote in favour of BJP, Prime Minister said, “All along my road show in this beautiful city today, I have seen one this very clearly and this is Meghalaya wants BJP. So, let BJP rule you here so that I am in an advantageous position to serve the people of Meghalaya better from New Delhi.”
Without taking the name of the ruling National People’s Party and the Congress party, Modi said, some family-based political parties have been using Meghalaya and all other states of Northeast as ATMs to exploit the region’s resources.
“Meghalaya should become free from dynastic politics. Not only in Delhi but in Meghalaya too the family parties have converted Meghalaya into an ATM to fill their coffers. This is the reason why people of Meghalaya and the entire Northeast now want BJP to rule them so that the interests of development and peace get priority over interests of certain families,” the senior BJP leader said.
“I am confident in the love and blessings that ‘Meghalaya Maange BJP Sarkar’. BJP government for Meghalaya means fast pace development, the end of blockade and violence, pucca houses for all and employment opportunities for youth,” Modi exuded confidence.
Underscoring that Meghalaya needs a ‘People-First’ govt instead of a ‘Family-First’ government, the Prime Minister said, “The people of Meghalaya have been divided into small issues and their priorities ignored. This kind of politics has damaged the interest of the youth. Now Meghalaya wants a people’s first instead of a family government.”
Praising the natural beauty, vibrancy, liveliness, creativity, wonderful ethnicity of Meghalaya and its people, Modi assured that the love and blessing showered by the people of Meghalaya would be reciprocated by him through rapid economic development of the state.
“India has scaled a new high in the last nine years and Meghalaya has made strong contribution towards it. We want the state to make much bigger contribution by installing a BJP government in the state,” the Prime Minister said.

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