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Mock drill conducted in Dimapur

Staff Reporter

National Fire Service Week is conducted every year from April 14 to 22 to pay homage to fire fighters who lost their lives in the line of duty across the country. As part of the observance, Chümoukedima Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES) conducted earthquake and fire management mock drill at Highland Hall School (HHS), here at Kuda Village, Tuesday.
The mock drill was led by sub inspector Meyiehosul Neikha, assisted by sub inspector Kenyuyhun Kent and assistant sub inspector Jonaba along with 10 fire fighters.
The team carried out various earthquake and fire evacuation demonstration and fire management drills at the school campus.
During the demonstration programme, Kent informed students that mock drills were carried out from March and April at various schools, colleges and public places in order to create awareness.
Stating that mock drills were also aimed at helping people become aware on how to respond during a disaster, Kent informed that the number of casualties would be minimal if everyone was prepared.
While imparting training on what to do when a fire breaks out, he informed that one should sound an alarm, contact nearest fire station, guide fire personal to the location of the fire incident, give way for fire tenders when on duty and to cooperate with fire tenders.
Demonstration on making improvised stretcher and uses of portable extinguishers were also carried out.
He informed that while carrying out search and rescue operation, one should not particularise rescue operation depending on whether the person was known or unknown to them.
Pointing out that those with more casualties should be evacuated first, he also informed that dead bodies should be evacuated at the end.
If stuck under debris during an earthquake, the personnel informed the students to make as much noise as possible either by shouting or by knocking at things in order to alert the search and rescue team.
Meanwhile, HHS administrator, Kezhaleno Phira while delivering a short speech after the mock drill acknowledged the fire personnel for carrying out the much-needed drill for the school.
It may be mentioned that a massive fire incident took place at the school on November 20, 2014 where all the classrooms were ravaged to ashes. It was learnt that the incident occurred on a non-working day and no casualties were reported.


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