Thursday, December 8, 2022

Modi hits out at AAP for newspaper advertisements

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday cited his government’s measures to boost the capital’s development and took a veiled swipe at the AAP dispensation here, wondering how much money should have been spent on advertising these measures of the Centre.
Inaugurating 3,024 new flats for those from the Economically Weaker Sections, Modi said poverty was long considered an issue for the poor to deal with but they are now at the centre of his government’s policies as his is a “garibon ki sarkar” (poor people’s government).
He cited the boost to the Metro service, the length of which has increased to nearly 400 km from 190 km in the national capital region since his government came to power. He also mentioned the work on highways around the capital city and other infrastructure measures besides pro-poor decisions.
The central government is working to make Delhi a grand city fitted with all the facilities expected of the country’s capital, Modi said.
Addressing the beneficiaries of the new flats, Modi asked, “You tell me how much money should have been spent on advertisement for all the things I have listed before you. How many newspaper pages should have been filled (with ads), with my pictures?”
Though the prime minister did not refer to the Aam Aadmi Party, which runs the city government, the BJP has often slammed it for its allegedly massive expenditure on publicity while doing little on the ground.
The Centre has also helped the lower and the middle classes to realise their dreams of having a house by giving subsidy on their housing loan interests. Over Rs 700 crore has been spent on it, he added.

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