Wednesday, June 7, 2023

More tribes in Mnp support government’s war on drugs


Inpui, Liangmai, Rongmei and Zeme tribes of Manipur have followed suit in declaring support to Manipur government’s war on drugs.
The four cognate tribes dominating Tamenglong and Noney districts of the state jointly declared their inhabited areas as ‘Drug and Poppy Free Zone’.
A joint delegation of Joint Tribe Council (JTC) and Joint Tribe Students’ Association (JTSA), representing the four cognate tribes- Inpui, Liangmai, Rongmei and Zeme –submitted the declaration to chief minister N Biren Singh on Thursday.
The declaration stated that the indigenous four cognate tribes of Inpui, Laingmai, Rongmei and Zeme had never practiced poppy plantation nor been involved with any kind of illegal drugs since time immemorial.
“Following the sincere and righteous footsteps of our forefathers, the four cognate tribes of Input, Liangmai, Rongmei and Zeme reiterate our stand against illegal drugs and poppy plantation,” the declaration read.
The joint tribes also resolved to continue preserving, conserving the unadulterated forests and its resources.
Addressing the media, chief minister N Biren Singh appreciated the JTSA for their support to the government at all times, particularly in its fight against drugs and in the wider interest of the people.
He said that the state has been facing problems with drug related activities which are detrimental to future generations. As such, the state government had launched the war on drugs campaign to uproot the ill-effect of drug menace in the state.
He stressed on the harmful effect of poppy cultivation on the environment including deforestation, degradation of soil fertility and pollution of water and appealed to all those carrying out drugs related activities to stop it and instead support the war on drugs.
He informed that mass campaigns has been started by meeting locals of different villages to provide awareness to the people about the ill effects of poppy plantation.
Representatives of the JTC asserted the decision to stand against illegal drugs and poppy plantations after consultation with villagers, and taking concern of the future of the state.
Expressing hope that the war on drugs campaign would be successful and the state would become a drug free zone one day, the JTC appealed to all communities of the state to join hands to uproot drug menace from the State.
Mention may be made that the Poumai tribes and Tangkhul tribe predominately inhabited in Senapati district and Ukhrul respectively had recently declared their inhabited areas as drug and poppy plantation free regions, in declarations they submitted to the chief minister.


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