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Mothers with ‘special touch’

Cambridge academic content dictionary defines Mother as, “to treat someone with kindness and affection and try to protect that person from danger or difficulty”.
Mothers are instinctively the first person that a child feel safe and connected. Researchers say that when the foetus is inside the stomach of the mother the umbilical relays all the information from the mother to the foetus and vice versa.
To mark Mother’s Day 2023, Nagaland Post spoke with a mother with special needs child.

  1. What was your first reaction when you discovered that your child is special?
    Ans: For someone, who was raised sheltered, provided and protected with little knowledge of suffering, worry and problems, to realized that her child is a special need, was a moment of jolt.
    But it taught me that life was unpredictable and that it can turn the oblivion into awareness.
  2. How was your journey from the time your child was born?
    Ans: Motherhood is not easy but to be a mother to a special child is another journey. I am compelled to take those extra miles and efforts so that I don’t fail or lag behind in the race of motherhood. Sometimes it was exhausting not just physically but emotionally too. But at the end of the day the reward is the pride and solace I get of being able to use the overall strength.
  3. Did you get support from anyone while raising a special child?
    Ans: I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a family that never shies away when it comes to extend a helping hand. I am blessed with a supportive husband who equally contributes in taking care of our child. My in laws and a family never refuses whenever I reach out to them.
  4. Was there a time when you felt like giving up?
    Ans: I would be lying if I said NO. Sometimes when it gets hard, I questioned myself
    “why Me” and “what If “. Many unhealthy thoughts randomly come into my mind but I realized that all these did not change or take away my circumstances.
    Eventually, it taught me a very important life lesson. Somewhere I am grateful that I am a mother to a special need not because I enjoy the journey and that what made me who I am today.
  5. What do you look forward to in life?
    Ans: My child and I have come a long way and we have fallen into a very comfortable routine. I am hoping and striving to make his life more comfortable. The challenges will never cease but my positive attitude and outlook have never changed and has been constant and consistent.
  6. What message do you have for mothers with special children?
    Ans: To all the mothers of special needs, consider yourselves as strong warriors. We have been hardened by time, pain, helplessness, despair and struggle. Yet today we are still standing stronger in mind and faith. It is not an easy journey there will be days where we will doubt whether we will see a day of comfort and rest but remember only resilience will prevail.
    Above all else, armour yourself with prayer and cover your struggle with faith.
    Remember we are not alone, but blessed and lovingly watched over by a higher being with a higher purpose.
    In conversation with founder ‘Moms We Care’ Kikruseno Kimho Khuvung
  7. What is Moms We Care and how did it started?
    Kikruseno: “Moms We Care” is a small support group for community mothers formed in 2021. It started with my motherhood journey that is after the birth of my baby. It was about creating awareness, informing the different stages of emotions one experience like PPD and vice – versa giving support.
    We have now pregnant ladies and women of different identities where Moms We Care extend support and if professional help arises, arranged accordingly.
  8. Why do you think that there is a need for a society or organization like this?
    Kikruseno: I believe in order to have a holistic society; every foundation starts from family- home-caregivers. A healthy parent is equivalent to a healthy family.
    Therefore, as caregiver ought to be mentally sound, intellectual equipped and spiritually this kind of organisation was needed to create awareness.
  9. What are the activities of Moms We Care?
    Kikruseno: Moms We Care have activities that touch areas of spiritual responsibilities as caregivers. Play-dates with family, mothers one-on-one time etc. and we plan to induct more programmes depending on the needs.
  10. How can one get involved, is there any criteria?
    Kikruseno: There is no criteria, one can follow our page on Instagram for timely updates and thanks to Nagaland Post for giving a platform to us. I prayerfully wish that every district in Nagaland must have this kind of a support group for mothers.

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