Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Mungmung festival celebrated at Tsadang

Tsadang Village celebrated Mungmung festival with much merriment on September 2 with former candidate of 52 A/C Longkhim-Chare, R Sethrongchem as the special guest invitee. The celebratory event was organised by Tsadang Village Council (TVC).
A press release by vice president, NDPP Tuensang region, Dekhingchem Sangtam stated that special guest, R Sethrongchem in his speech highlighted how Tsadang village was regarded as a warrior village among the Sangtams and commended on their bravery, urging the gathering not to forget the good deeds of their ancestors.
He then laid emphasis on the importance of Mungmung festival stating that it is “one of the most important feasts among the Sangtams practiced and carried over from generation to generation”.
He called upon the gathering to preserve their culture and identity, and to uphold, cherish, and leave good examples for the younger generation.
He also expressed that presently, Longkhim-Chare area was one of the most ‘deplorable’ areas in the state and therefore, advised the gathering to choose “a good leader with charisma and a vision to guide and lead towards the brighter side”.
Terming ‘jealousy’ as one of the stumbling blocks in present society, Sethrongchem called on the people to come together for one another leaving aside favoritism and nepotism to bring changes in the society and in the village.
The special guest was accompanied by Village Council chairmen from nearby villages and other dignitaries.
Earlier, festive welcome address was delivered by Thepitsaba while Gaon Bura (GB) Selongchem elaborated on the history and the significance of the festival.
The event was chaired by secretary, TVC, L Thsaropi and invocation was said by deacon, Tsadang Village Baptist Lithro, T Khingkhamong.
Highlights of the event included various presentations and cultural performances by Tsadang Students’ Union and cultural troupes. The event also witnessed various traditional games and sports.


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