Monday, March 27, 2023

Naga cause should be settledby NNC and GoI, says NNC/FGN

NNC/FGN said that the Naga cause, “which was started and raised by the NNC have to be settled by the NNC and the government of India.”
This was among several resolutions made during the emergency session of the Tatar Hoho of FGN held at Kohima on September 9, FGN killo kilonser Zaleo stated in a press note.
It said that the issue “can never be concluded by any other organisation or forum which has no mandate of our people and lack the moral and legal authority.”
The hoho also passed crucial Bills to further strengthen the nation, Zaleo added.
He said the hoho maintained that it was up to the negotiating parties and Government of India to arrive at any solution that suited their convenience, while asserting that this would in no way have any bearing on the “independence of Nagaland and the freedom of Nagas”.
The tatar hoho also declared that the “doors and windows” were open as ever for “each and every Naga to live and work for the nation in the mainstream of nationalism to defend the sovereignty of the nation” in which all were equal stakeholders. The hoho further maintained that NNC/FGN under the leadership of NNC president Thinoselie Keyho and FGN kedahge Vekronü Dozo had nothing to do with the ongoing “manipulated” solution talks.
It explained that mandate meant the will and support of all Nagas who upheld Naga sovereignty by rejecting any other alternative solution within the framework of Indian constitution.
(Full text on p-6)


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