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Naga Club writes to Kohima VillageCouncil over Naga Club building

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In view of such and other similar farcical statements, the Naga Club was compelled to issue response for the Naga people, especially the younger generation to understand the factual history, factual evidences and the stand of the Naga Club in the right perspective. The Public Statement of NSF dt 24.07.2022 and our Response are enclosed marked as Annexures “F4” to “F10”. While it was anticipated that they would express regrets for their wild and baseless allegations made in the local media on 25.07.2022, but to our shock and surprise they stated that they stand by those statements made in the media, and these might have been the reasons for which they had refused to vacate the Naga Club Building in spite of non-payment of the house rent for all these years since 1983.

  1. (2) Illegal/Unauthorized Commercialization of the Naga Club Building by NSF: Naga Club Building prior to the World War II was situated below the Mission Compound, Kohima which was used as a Morung as well as free-of-all-cost Guest House with cooking facilities for travelers coming from remote villages. The citizens of Kohima Headquarters would go to the Naga Club Morung, make friends/brothers with those travelers coming from remotest villages thereby promoting Naga brotherhood, unity and Naga Nationalism, they also read newspapers or play carrom boards or Ludo etc. in the Morung and that was how the Naga Club played a vital role in uniting the Nagas as a people and a Nation without any factionalism apart from submitting a Memorandum to the Simon Commission on 10th January, 1929. However, during the 2nd World War the Naga Club Building below the Mission Compound was completely destroyed and the Naga Club Building in its current location near Old Secretariat Complex Kohima was reconstructed in 1946 again on the land provided through the benevolent goodwill of Kohima Village. Enclosed herewith is the letter dt 05.12.2019 by Dr Neiphi Kire, the then Chairman, Kohima Village Council reaffirming the allotment of land to the Naga Club by Kohima Village marked as Annexure “G”. Which condemned the NSF’s action pushing the Naga Club Centenary Celebration Monolith to Pulie Badze, Jotsoma by the use of violence and brute force, the referred letter said “the Centenary Jubilee Celebration Monolith of the Naga Club should be erected at the proper site that is the Naga Club Building at Khuochiezie”.
  2. That the new Naga Club Building then near Old Secretariat Complex Kohima would have been used in a similar way as the old one below Mission Compound Kohima to promote Naga brotherhood and unity through the provision of free Guest House and Morung had the Naga Political Movement not been partially sabotaged by the Indian Armed Forces in a barbaric manner. However, Naga Club Building was used for NNC’s Office catering all the activities of the Naga Nation till it came to be occupied by the Directorate of Forest Department and later by the then NSF as tenant of the Naga Club. The sad reality is that the NSF has been attempting to distort the distinguished principles and prudent policies of the Naga Club in toto by illegally encroaching the whole Naga Club Building when they were allotted only a part of Naga Club Building rooms, who then converted the Naga Club Building into a commercial establishment by illegally renting the building to businessmen and women who set up hotels, printing press, pan-shops in the said Naga Club Building today solely for their selfish commercial interest rather than promoting Naga brotherhood and unity. It must be reiterated what is clearly stated in the demi order note dt 04.04.1918 as enclosed that allowed only “a part of the Naga Club rooms” and not the whole building “on rental basis” to the NSF then. However, the NSF had not only encroached upon the whole building without authorization for its own commercial interest, but even though as a tenant had begun illegally sub-letting and renting, and also refused to vacate the building when the legitimate owner wants to reconstruct the dilapidated building. Such behavior of the NSF transcends all norms of grateful civility and decency of harmonious living. This commercial interest of NSF for selfish gain might have been the reason as to why they refused to have formal meetings with us till date in spite of so many requests and proposals since 2018.
  3. It would not be too preposterous to state that the Naga Society today is under threat by misguided people in positions of leadership who would not admit or accept the possibility of their being wrong pertaining to historical facts, factual evidences and events that took place when they were not even born and despite being corrected by the responsible elders of the society with historical facts and evidences. People with vested interest in chairs of leadership have done much harm to the Naga society and such people will continue to do so if conscientious people do not take the right stand at the right time on pertinent issues.
  4. Kohima Village had been at the forefront during the formative years of the Naga Club and its Building not only by the donation of land on which to build the Naga Club building that went on to foster unity, brotherhood and understanding amongst the Nagas, but also its people that had played a vital role in the sustenance of the Naga Club and its Building by continuing to provide patronage across the years and still does so and it is sincerely hoped that it would continue to do so. When the Naga Club went hiatus due to political compelling circumstances during the turbulent Naga political movement, the Naga Elders’ Conference under the Chairmanship of Peselie Suokhrie of Kohima Village took over the responsibilities of Naga Club. You would be aware that when the new office bearers of the Naga Club were reinstated on 7th Jan. 1982, the event then was again rightfully held at Kohima Village Panchayat wherein Azüto Rengma was elected as the Chairman, Vilavor Liegise as the General Secretary and Kewezü Mero as Joint Secretary among others.
  5. It is because of such vital role that Kohima Village played in the past that the Naga Club today in honor and respect for the authority of the Kohima Village that demonstrated great leadership with vision in the hour of need, feels duty-bound to approach the Kohima Village Council with regard to the restoration of the Naga Club Building and the Land to its legitimate owner which is the Naga Club so that the illustrious legacy that has been passed down shall be given its proper place. So as to deal with the ugly manner in which the NSF had been posing to obstruct the noble vision of the Naga Club to preserve and promote the rich legacy of the Nagas in its proper perspective, it is only appropriate that due honor and place is given to traditional customs and values that we as a Naga community uphold and it is in this respect that the Naga Club today beseech upon the Kohima Village Council to exercise its wisdom and traditional virtues in the matter that confronts the Naga Club today.
    The Naga Club therefore earnestly pray that your honor would consider the facts of history in its proper and rightful perspective and take necessary actions your honor may deemed fit and proper in the restoration of the Naga Club property to the Naga Club so that it may be allowed to rebuild the Naga Club Building to honor, protect, promote and preserve the illustrious legacy of our pioneer leaders and forefathers with a vision to promote Naga brotherhood and unity for the betterment of the Naga Society and for the interest of posterity.
    Naga Club president Kuolachalie Seyie, Naga Club working committee chairman Khriedi Theünuo, Naga Club vice presidents Y. Vandanshan Lotha, K. John Lohe, Er. Talitoba Ao, Visa Meru Zeliang, Naga Club treasurer Hoshito Asumi, Naga Club working committee secretary Dr Viketoulie Pienyü, Naga club secretaries K. Gwanilo Himb and Thosiepa Katiry
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