Friday, March 31, 2023

Naga Fundamental Political Stand

Naga Fundamental Political Stand:Nagas are not Indians and do not want to become Indians; Naga territory is not and has never been part of Indian Territory. Nagaland was never conquered by the Indians and once the British had left India, Nagaland should have reverted to its original free status. Hence, Simon Commission document confirm 1929. The Nagas are determined to have complete independence. They are determined not to join the Indian union. This is the determination that comes from the depth of the heart of the Naga patriots. It is with this determination that tens of thousands laid down their precious life. Nagas did not participate in the first election of the Indian Republic in 1952. They sent back an empty ballot box to Shillong. The Naga plebiscite was conducted with 99.9% thump impression wanted independence and witness by Indian representatives.
B.N. Mullik, Chief Intelligent Bureau Advisor Jawaharlal Nehru (my year with Nerhu 1948-64) stated that the Indian war with the Naga people was purely an invasion. Troops moved to Tuensang by October 1955, and then 55 battalions were sent to fight the Naga people.
For the last 75 years, the Naga people have suffered under the Black Law Armed Forces ( Special Act 1980). The AFSPA continues to have peace talks with the Naga Political group (IM). Hence, framed work agreement was signed on 03/08/2015 by Modi Government and the agreed position was yet again signed on 17/11/2017 by NPG. Yet, nothing has been finalized in the last 25 years, despite pressures from the Nagaland Govt. and civil society. Modi announced to the international community that the “Nagaland Political issue has been settled.” Besides, Narendra Modi PM with sweet sugar-coated words said,“I will walk the extra mile; Naga political settlement was my priority.” “Election is for Solution.” But those promises never worked out. The Naga people were betrayed several times.
They lost their properties, houses, and belongings, suffered beyond compare, were tortured to death, women were raped inside the churches, and churches were destroyed. No one has the right to speak before Indian Army forces. So Naga leaders are whispering words of freedom, but these continue in vain. Most of the jails were filled up by Naga Patriots. I, myself, was imprisoned three times. The Naga people have suffered at the hand of the mighty Indian Army. I was one of the elderly men who bear a weal from 1955 up until today.
Delhi has only two choices. First, she can continue to fight against Nagaland, hoping that they will surrender or be wiped out completely. As stated by Chuba Ao BJP National Vice President, “Government of India is waiting for its prodigal son to return home” (Morung Express 17/01/2023). Is this political language for the Naga people? What does he mean by this biblical message? Is he implying the solution to the Naga political struggle for the last 75 years is that Nagas should return to India? Can he associate the biblical message with Naga’s political issue? Naga people hope that political issue will be amicably settle with honor.
ALEE COMMAND 1964 (East Pakistan Recorded) “Naga people love Peace, but they cannot afford to let their land be occupied by the sheer military forces of aggression. So long as the invasion forces exist. So long Nagas are bound to fight.”
1st Ceasefire was signed on 06/09/1964, and the talk was conducted several times, but Congress Government was not serious about the Naga Peace talk and the power of the Congress party came to an end.
The same will happen to BJP if they do not take Naga political issue seriously now. Nagas are too small to threaten mighty India, the biggest democratic govt in the world, but they cannot challenge the purpose of God.
The Nagas are the longest freedom fighter in the world yet still surviving. BJP said the election is a solution for the Naga political issue, but five years passed and nothing happened, and after five years, another election is imposed. Naga people had been betrayed yet again, one after another, for the last 75 years.
Rev.Dr. V.K.Nuh
Chairman, Naga Archives and Reseach Centre
Toulazouma, Dimapur,

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