Sunday, March 26, 2023

Naga issue to remain as govt’s top priority: Rio


Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio repeated the same pledge since 2003, that his government’s ‘top priority’ will be the Naga political issue and that this will remain so when the NDPP-BJP alliance returns to power to form the new government. He said this while campaigning for NDPP candidate Kudecho Khamo for 18 Chozuba assembly constituency at Chozuba town local ground.
Rio claimed that the current UDA government has given its best efforts for bringing a solution and even went to the extent of forming an ‘opposition-less government’ under United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to facilitate an early solution.
However, he blamed divisions within Naga political groups which have today split into 12 recognised factions for causing the delay in securing solution.
He also observed that had Nagas been more united, then the issue could have been resolved and that solution could have also led to increase of an additional 20 assembly seats, two more Lok Sabha seats and one more Rajya Sabha seat for Nagaland. Rio also opined that there would be no complaints from people if one of the stakeholders was to agree to accept solution, since this was the ultimate goal and desire of every stakeholder.
However, he said if that were to happen then the other stakeholders would complain and reject whatever had been brought.
He said such disunity was to blame for failure to bring about a solution that lay with everyone including politicians, NPGs alike.
Rio called for support from people since election was to take place and it was important to form a strong government that would be able to handle crucial impending issues.
He said NDPP-BJP alliance would come out victorious and that there was no confusion on who would form the next government.
He also said crucial matters like delimitation, ENPO demand and ULB elections would be dealt with by the next 14th NLA and therefore, the people’s clear mandate was needed.
On coalition with BJP, Rio said although the former was a strong party, it however respected the sentiment of the people and therefore wanted NDPP as regional party to head the coalition government.
Rio said as committed in its manifesto, NDPP was giving priority to women and was working towards gender-equal society.
Earlier, Neiba Kronu planning minister, in his short speech, said that since election was a democratic process, Nagaland also had to face it or the President’s Rule could have been imposed.
He said the next 14th NLA would also continue to work hard for the Naga issue as the present coalition has been doing.
NDPP candidate, Kudecho Khamo, urged the people to work togethers bringing development in the constituency, which had been lagging in many areas.
Khamo said he had visions to work for the future of the children and youth.
The campaign programme was chaired by NDPP working president Nuzota Swuro, while invocation was offered by Chozuba Town Baptist Church pastor Vekusa Lohe.
Special number was presented by Chakhesang Cultural Research Centre, Chetheba and benediction was given by Chozuba Village Baptist Church pastor Vesavo Shijoh.


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