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Naga leaders’ meeting with Gandhi in Delhi on July 17, 1947

On July 17, 1947, the Naga delegations headed by A.Z phizo met Mahatma Gandhi at Bhangi Basti in Delhi. The Naga Delegations submitted the points that they wanted to discuss with Mahatma Gandhi as follows:

  1. The Nagas are from a country in the NE frontier of India, Which lies between two huge countries namely, India and China.
  2. The Nagas were independent before the British advent.
  3. They were first attacked in 1849. They fought the British for 30 years for independence. The last battle was fought in 1879. And the Nagas were conquered.
  4. The Naga (British subjects) demanded independence In 1929 when the Simon Commission visited Kohima, the headquarters of the Naga hills.
  5. The Naga Hills has been a totally “excluded area” since the 1935 act came into force.
  6. Again in 1946, the Nagas demanded complete independence when the British decided to withdraw from India. An interim arrangement on the lines of district autonomy has been offered to the Nagas by the authorities and the Nagas have rejected it.
  7. The Nagas fought for independence when the British threatened to take away their independence back in the 19th century.
  8. Again the Nagas resisted the Japanese invasion with all their might in 1944 for their independence.
  9. This demand of the Nagas for independence is not the opinion of the Dewan or ruler (The nagas have no ruler and the British are going). It is the will of the people.
  10. The Nagas will declare independence on August 14, 1947.
    Points of discussion:
  11. The Nagas are determined to have complete independence. They will not join the Indian Union. They will die before losing their independence.
  12. Will the Government of India use force to bring the Nagas under the Indian Union? Does anyone under the Sun have the right to take away their independence? It might still right.
    Mahatma Gandhi assured that “ Nagas have every right to be independent if they did not want to join the Indian Union. When the Naga delegates pointed out that the Assam governor Sir Akbar Hydari was threatening to use force against the Nagas in case they refused to join the Indian Union, Gandhi exclaimed:
    “ Sir Akbar is wrong. He cannot do that….. I will come to the Naga Hills; I will ask them to shoot me first before one Naga is shot”
    Gandhi even went so far as to say “why wait until 14 August? Why not even declare your independence tomorrow?”
    The Naga delegation came back assured by Gandhi’s assurances and declared their independence on August 14, 1947, one day prior to India’s own declaration of her own independence.
    I wonder why Indian successors forget the words of their “Father of the Nation”. He said clearly stated, “ Nagas have every right to be independent if they did not want to join the Indian union”.
    I guaranteed no political parties bring independence to the Naga people except Naga National Council NNC/FGN. Because the documents or papers were signed by NNC for independence and NNC is the chosen one of the Naga people.
    The common people never accept interim government or packages; we want only independence as assured by Mahatma Gandhi to the Nagas. The talk never concluded even a hundred thousand round talk without the NNC. Don’t waste your precious time and money.
    Lhilo Kronu, Kami
    Village, Pfutsero,
    Phek: Nagaland
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