Friday, June 2, 2023

Naga Mothers Association (NMA) lauds FNR’s reconciliation initiative

Naga Mothers Association (NMA) appreciated the initiative of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) in bringing NSCN (I-M) and NNPGs to “a better understanding and reconciliation” through the commitment towards peace in the “September Joint Concordant”, which was signed recently.
Reiterating the stand for an inclusive peace, NMA affirmed support to the Joint Concordant, which it described was “another milestone towards bringing peace into our land.” NMA appealed to all responsible to give them space to stand by their commitments, “without making unsavoury insinuations about our brothers”, in the spirit of forgiveness. NMA also appreciated the efforts of Core Committee leaders and hoped “all these concerted efforts will usher in a new way to Peace for Nagas.”
Describing Naga society as complex, with a history of violence, pain and hurts, inflicted upon each other, the NMA called for forgiveness, restraint and reconciliation.
NMA also urged the negotiators to remember the younger generation that awaits this era of peace.
Further, NMA urged the Government of India to respect and honour the sacrifices of thousands who have laid down their lives for the Naga cause and ensure a sustainable Just Peace.
Stating that Naga women had been facing the brunt of militarisation and atrocities by the Indian armed forces under the brutality of the AFSPA for decades, the NMA has reiterated the call for repeal of “this draconian law which has terrorised us, our families and our homes.”


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