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Naga political groups celebrate ‘Naga Republic Day’

Unique solution only when FA is honoured: Tuccu

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NSCN (I-M) chairman Q Tuccu has asserted that unique solution to Naga issue would come only when the Centre honoured the Framework Agreement (FA) in letter and spirit.
Addressing a gathering on the occasion of 43rd Republic Day celebrations of the organisation at its central headquarters, Hebron, he specified that when New Delhi would recognise the uniqueness of Naga history, the Naga solution would also be unique. He alleged that the Central government was trying to impose a Naga solution that was not based on the Framework Agreement, and declared that the organisation would not allow such a well-planned treachery to bulldoze the wills of Naga people. He remarked, “Re-edited version of the 16 Point Agreement is at work”. (Full text on p-6)
In his speech, Naga Hoho president HK Zhimomi said the Republic Day was the greatest day not only for Naga national workers, but for entire Nagas without boundaries.
He appealed to all Naga national workers to work together for the larger public interest and pursue the aspired goal. He said the general Nagas believed that there could not be political solution as long as the national workers stood divided.
Speaking on the occasion, Naga Council Dimapur president Etsungmomo Kikon said Nagas aspired for a day when the entire Naga people would gather to celebrate Republic Day together as one. He hoped that this would be the last Republic Day celebrated separately by different groups.
Short speeches were also delivered by members of Global Naga Forum, Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights, Naga Students’ Federation, Naga Mothers’ Association, Forum for Naga Reconciliation, United Naga Council, Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation, Naga People’s Organisation (Myanmar), Tirap Changlang Longding People’s Front, Nagaland GB Federation, Naga Women’s Union, Eastern Naga Students’ Federation, Rengma Naga People’s Council and All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur.
Some of the speakers further appealed to all Naga political groups (NPGs) to stop harassing public, adding that though they were under ceasefire, it was the public who were at the receiving end.
The programme was chaired by secretary Qhetoyi A Swu and under-secretary Yuingamphi Ruivahnao, while invocation was offered by CHQ Church pastor Vikuto Kappo and silent prayer in remembrance of martyrs was said by Council of Nagalim Churches president Rev D Heutui Zeme.
Vote of thanks was delivered by cabinet secretary, GPRN, Lh John and benediction offered by head chaplain, Naga Army, Col Ph Daniel, while drill display was done by General Field Training headquarters, Naga Army.
Other highlights of the programme included patriotic songs by Naga Army Choir, General HQ, and Wung Hira, while Naga folk dances by Tsungiki Cultural troupe and Mongleu Kamdi People’s Organisation.

AP has renewed dormant patriotism: Neokpao

GPRN/NSCN president & chairman “gen.(retd.)” MB Neokpao Konyak asserted that the “Agreed Position” which was signed by Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) with the government of India on November 17, 2017, has awakened and renewed the “dormant patriotism in our land.”
Delivering speech on the occasion of “43rd Naga Republic Day” at council headquarters, Naga Unification Camp, Khehoyi on March 21 as chief guest, Neokpao Konyak said they have demanded “what is rightfully ours” and the government of India has accepted the reality that “we have the political and historical right.”
GPRN president expressed hope that Union of India and Nagaland will coexist and Nagas will “experience enduring peace for our children, grandchildren and those after them.”
Neokpao also said that WC, NNPGs and the government of India have concluded negotiations. He claimed that the Naga tribes and all sections of people agreed that “Agreed Position” and subsequent “Status Paper” was a “fair political document reflecting Naga people’s will and aspiration ensuring the core essence of Naga pioneer’s political goal.”
As a partner of WC, NNPGs, GPRN president urged Nagas to contemplate and “seek the benevolent blessing of the Almighty God for an early solution of the Naga political issue.” (Full text on p-6)
On the occasion, GPRN/NSCN ato kilonser N Kitovi Zhimomi explained about the Naga political journey and highlighted glimpses of the political negotiation held with the government of India.
According to MIP, Zhimomi dwelt upon how the people’s aspiration and desires have been taken into account right from the beginning when the “Agreed Position” and subsequent political negotiation that had been concluded on October 31, 2019.
He opined that any responsible Naga should “stay wary of speaking with multiple tongues and malicious elaboration.” Zhimomi also stressed the need to stay informed and be vigilant of “our right as a Naga with distinct identity lest we either get exploited or hoodwinked into falling for a worthless cause while contending in the pool of factionalism and superiority complexes.”
Further, he stated that the Naga political issue needed to be dealt and “resolved with the ‘Art of Possibility’ and Mutualism so as to bring in sensible and practical reality.”
On the political negotiation between GPRN/NSCN and the government of India, he appealed to the Naga people to “stay strong and keep up with the ardent Naga identity”.
Earlier, chief guest unfurled the “Naga National flag” followed by Naga national anthem and drill display from the Naga Army contingents.
The programme commenced with invocation prayer by CHQ pastor Dr. Akito Zhimo. Presidential message was read out by secretary Katolu Shohe while obituary report and silent prayer in honour of the martyrs and heroes was observed with declaration of the new ranks of the promotion Naga army from secretary (defence) Vikato Achumi.
A special number was presented by Tatar Toshili Yeptho. The programme concluded with a thanksgiving benediction by assistant chaplain GHQ, Manging.

NSCN (K) Niki group calls for Naga unity

Niki-led NSCN/GPRN (K) observed “42nd Naga Republic Day” on in all the regions including Dimapur and designated camp, Suruhuto on March 21.
In a press note, MIP informed that the occasion was celebrated recalling the sacrifices of the Nagas in the decades-old political struggle. It said that the celebration made a clarion call that “all the Nagas must first become one in unity and stand unified in order to achieve the dreams and aspirations of the people.”
The celebration at CFSB office Dimapur was graced by NSCN/GPRN president “gen. (retd.)” Niki Sumi and ato kilonser Starson Lamkang.
NSCN/GPRN president delivered the presidential address while ato kilonser also addressed the gathering.
At Suruhoto designated camp, MIP said the “Naga National Flag” was unfurled by “brig.” Bongkhao Konyak, GSO-I.
Colourful cultural presentations along with parade and guard of honour marked the occasion.
Public leaders, members of various civil organisations, GBs and well-wishers attended the celebrations, MIP stated.


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