Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Naga Students’ Federation 75 years journey “Call to Oneness”

75 years ago, responding to the call of the Naga people for youth participation in the defence of the Naga Nation, a small group of dedicated Naga students and young people formed a Union on the 29th of October 1947 at Kohima. With the objective of strengthening the Naga struggle, this newly formed body stood alongside the Naga leadership in defence of Naga Independence from the subjugation of the newly independent India.
On this day of commemorating its 75th year, we salute the pioneers and Founding Members and the NSF Leaders who have tirelessly journeyed for our Naga cause. Their selfless sacrifices have strengthened the Naga struggle and still continue to ensure our dignity at par with the dignity of the rest of fellow human beings. It was, indeed, their patriotic, fearless and selfless initiatives that instilled understanding and spirit of Oneness amongst the Naga youth and students despite oppressive political situation.
Beloved Fellow Nagas, 75 years is a long journey of struggle and survival. Our journey has been one of unified Naga Nation, independent and thriving amongst friendly neighbour Nations. It was this students’ movement that ignitedthe aspiration of Naga people and set in motion with a stronger determination to secure a rightful place for us where we can enjoy our political, social, cultural and such other rights and lives that enhance our quality of life without any external interference and without imposed alien system or governance. It is, therefore, in this context that the NSF functioned like the Naga Youth and Students wing of the Naga National Movement. The first NSF General Conference was rightly addressed by Eno T. Aliba Imti, the Hon’ble First President of the Naga National Council (NNC). It was the time immediately after declaration of Naga Independence as Sovereign nation on 14th August, 1947.
Today, we come together to as bearers of the torch they have lighted and passed on to us. It is and it will always be our national duty to selflessly carry on forth this torch of responsibilities combined with the sense of Oneness as members of one Naga family until the day we say “together we have overcome”.
Upholding the commitment made, we have chosen the theme of this jubilee as ‘Call to Oneness’. The theme invites all our Naga people to participate in overcoming our little differences and re-dedicate ourselves to reclaim the egalitarian society we have inherited and thus concretise our goal of one Naga brotherhood. Our Naga ONENESS was a reality and as such must our people be again. We have to understand one another as equal partners in society whereby our common aspiration can be fulfilled. Our destiny is in the horizon and together we must hasten to arrive at it.
At this hour of our clarion Call to Oneness, it is heartening to note that the untiring efforts of our very own people in various organizations and walks of life are enabling our Naga National groups to understand one another and come closer for the sake of our beloved Naga Nation. The Naga Students’ Federation upholds our Naga brotherhood and such unifying works are truly appreciated.
My dear friends, in today’s NSF context, our area of concern for freedom becomes much larger and heavier. Under imposed laws, our society has been corrupted. Justice is a stranger and no longer a friend in our land. Our sense of moral standard is being replaced by expediency of material consideration. There is no sufficient opportunity for young minds and the merit of our youth is not considered.
These along with numerous unchartered challenges have been the reasons why the NSF have been facing so many unpleasant and uneasy situations for more than last 30 years on Superannuation issue. We have been fighting for maintaining fair and balanced retirement age in the State Government service so as to ensure that the government employees perform efficiently and that deserving youth get chances to serve in public service with new innovative ideas and knowledge.
At the backdrop of backdoor appointments at the cost of deserving ones, the NSF fought for introduction of Nagaland State Staff Selection system. We appreciate the positive response of the Nagaland State Government on this front. It is hoped that the NSSB will consider merit over favouritism or nepotism to benefit the deserving Naga youth and students. We believe that Nagaland State Government can still do much for the welfare of our people in the areas of Health, education and other infrastructural development.
Fellow Friends, the imposition and subsequent extension ofArmed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, has placed our lives in the hands of armed inhuman forces over our Nation and has claimed numerous lives and destruction of our land and people. This Act has dehumanized us. We are made most insecure in our own land. Another area of great concern is the influx of illegal immigrants from across the Indian sub-continent is a real threat to our society and land.
These are some of the frontiers we are faced with. We shall be sensitive, vigilant and we shall consistently give our united effort to set ourselves free from military oppression and dehumanizing impositions. In areas of common concern with our neighbours in Northeast Indian States, we shall continue to partner with member organizations of the North East Students’ Organisation.
As we celebrate the completion of 75 years of the NSF, the call for oneness becomes louder and more urgent to unitedly respond to the situation at hand. As we march on with renewed spirit of oneness towards attainment of our goal for Unified Nagalim and Glory of Nagas, let us reflect where we might have failed to steadfastly pursue the visions of our pioneers. Let us renew our commitment to work faithfully not only for glory of ourselves but more for the Glory of God, the God who has been our strength and refuge amidst this inhuman oppression for decades together.
Responding to “Call to Oneness”, let us resolve ourselves today here, in commemoration of75th year of the NSF, to become contributing members to revive and sustain the spirit of Oneness amongst Naga people everywhere.
K.Temjen Jamir, Convenor, Planning Committee, NSF 75 Years Celebration
(Speech delivered on the occasion of the NSF 75 Years of Celebration on 29th October, 2022)

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