Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Naga timber traders resolve not to pay tax to any group

Naga timber traders under Nagaland Timber Traders Union (NTTU) at the meeting held on Tuesday resolved to not pay tax to any group or faction starting from May 8, 2023. The timber traders said that the resolution was adopted due to increase in number of taxes with the formation of many new factions and groups.
The meeting was attended by representatives of NTTU, Dimapur District Timber Mill Owners Association, Chumoukedima Timber Traders’ Association, Pungro-Sub Division Timber Traders Union, Nagaland Timbers Union Kohima and Phek District Timbers Association. The timber traders alleged that they had been paying tax for the last 20 years, but with the mushrooming of more factions it was “unbearable” for them to pay tax to each and every faction. The traders said that they cannot afford to pay tax to all the groups. The Naga timber traders have, therefore, appealed to all the factions to not levy tax on its “own Naga brothers”.
They also alleged that many of them had shut their business as they cannot afford to pay taxes to all the groups. Further, NTTU has sought support of all Naga leaders and civil society organisations in their fight against increase in taxation.


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