Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Nagaland: ANCSU reminds state govt of its ultimatum

All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has reminded the state government of its one-month ultimatum to address several issues including shortage of teachers under higher education, contractual teachers and salary; scholarship nodal cell and boundary fencing and re-allocation of land at Kohima Science Collge, Jotsoma.
In a press release, ANCSU president Toito D Chishi and general secretary Tenyesinlo Bukh cautioned that failure to address the issues within the stipulated time (on or before November 3, 2022), the union to hold all the higher education officers and departments responsible for implementing scholarship schemes accountable for any eventuality.
Despite representation to the department and even after ascertaining the genuineness of the issues raised, ANCSU said the department was yet to deliver any concrete solution to the issues.
The union said it would “not shy away” in exposing those officers of the department, who have been failed to uphold the aspiration of the college fraternity. Also, threatening to launch its “intensified digital protest”, the union has informed all its members to be prepared.

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