Friday, January 27, 2023

Nagaland: Governor’s greetings on Statehood Day

Stresses on promoting meritocracy over parochialism

On the eve of the 60th year of statehood, Nagaland Governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi, extended his greetings to the people of Nagaland and recalled the tremendous contributions made by pioneers and leaders in shaping the state.
He said the contributions of past leaders needed mention for their foresight in sowing the seeds that have shaped the evolution of present day Nagaland state. Prof. Mukhi said six decades of statehood were experiences that served as lessons in engaging core issues with concerted efforts towards transformed and progressive state.
According to the governor, the impediments to progress that were required to be rid of were “nepotism, opaque administration, corruption” and “anything that corrodes a society”
He opined that people need to take a pledge on statehood day, “where meritocracy, transparency and accountability in governance, have primacy over parochial and self-interest gains.”
Prof Mukhi said there would be no development in an atmosphere of fear and insecurity and called for creating a conducive environment for children to not only survive but also thrive.
He also acknowledged the contribution of every citizen of the State during the transitional phase, while stating that he remained grateful for all the immeasurable sacrifices and unrelenting efforts of many unsung heroes.
He said impact of any development could only be felt when its fruit reached the lowest strata of society which, he said is one of the priorities of the State government for reaching out to weaker sections of society and to bring them under the ambit of development as stakeholders of development initiatives.
He also emphasised women empowerment, describing it as fundamental to the progress of any society and that no nation could progress socially or economically if its women were left behind.
If the women were not empowered, if they were not safe and if gender discrimination existed, then the society could not progress and prosper, he added.
The governor said the strength of Nagas was their bond as a community while their youth and in their unique identity and inherent values that defined them as a society.
He therefore called for relying and working on the strengths, rising to challenges and becoming equal partners in the endeavour to achieve the goals and fulfil their dream of a robust Nagaland.
Mukhi also called for empowering the youth and making them job creators so that they could also contribute to economic development of the Northeast in general and Nagaland in particular.
He also stressed on entrepreneurship so as to make them job providers instead of job seekers. He suggested taking up agriculture and contribute to make self-reliant India.
Prof. Mukhi also encouraged educated youth to take up agriculture on their own land as a profession, as it would not only bring economic growth but also bring self-reliance
The governor said every citizen of the State, every farmer, every entrepreneur, every sportsperson, every leader, every mission, church and civil society organisation had a vital role, none undermining the other and could be agents of change in thrusting the State forward.
Governor Mukhi said he felt the strong desire of people for a developed, progressive, peaceful and vibrant Nagaland and encouraged them to come together infused with the spirit of fraternity and join hands to build a better and transformed Nagaland for posterity and take it to greater heights of glory.

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