Sunday, November 27, 2022

Nagaland govt dismisses ex-MP’s allegation

The State government has denied the allegation of misusing Rs 300 crore reportedly given as package by the Centre for development.
Reacting to the allegation made by former Lok Sabha MP K Asungba Sangtam during a TV debate by a Guwahati-based news channel on ENPO’s demand for Eastern Nagaland, the Planning & Coordination department clarified that the Central government did not approve proposal for Rs 333.33 crore for Eastern Nagaland region and no fund was released to the State Government. Hence, the allegation of misutilisation of funds was without any basis, it added.
According to DIPR report, the department disclosed that, as per available documents, then deputy chairman of Planning Commission had agreed to provide Special Plan Assistance (SPA)/Special Central Assistance (SCA) of Rs 1,268 crore during a discussion on Annual Plan for 2012-13 with chief minister on June 26, 2012.
Further, it was also agreed to provide SPA package of Rs 300 crore for Eastern Nagaland, subject to availability of additional resources from the Union Ministry of Finance. The assistance was to be utilised for identified projects to be approved by Planning Commission and the details were noted in the approval of Annual Plan 2012-13 conveyed by Planning Commission on June 18, 2012.
Thereafter, the State government had submitted proposals worth Rs 333.33 crore to Planning Commission for approval. The Commission had however conveyed that “under Addl. Central Resources (SPA) for Eastern Nagaland Region, Gol has not approved/released the whole amount of Rs 300.00 cr”. A DIPR release stated that this was communicated to the chief secretary (vide letter no. M.13048/19(NL)/2011/SP-NE dated 16/5/2013 (Paragraph 1(d)).
During the TV show, the former MP had claimed that some years back a package of Rs 300 crore was given to Nagaland. He said people did not know this and money was given to the State government. However, he alleged that nobody knew today where that package had gone and that all along, from the beginning till today, the misuse was going on.

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