Friday, June 9, 2023

Nagaland: Niuland Area Citizens Forum demands clarification on status of 200-bedded hospital

Niuland Area Citizens Forum (NACF) has set a one-week deadline seeking clarification from the Minority Affairs cell under Planning & Co-ordination department as to why work had not started on the 200-bed health centre/sub-district hospital project at Niuland funded by Union Minority Affairs and Finance ministries in 2020.
NACF president Kakishe Shikhu and press secretary Saul Sema in a statement claimed that the total project cost as per the Health & Family Welfare (H&FW) department recommendation was Rs 11,702 lakh as per November 16, 2020 NHM Office Memorandum. NACF asserted that they had the right to know where was the 200-bed hospital at Niuland and why its construction had still not started. They warned that they would protest if the matter was not clarified within a week’s time, adding that should not be held responsible if case of any unwanted situated arising out of the issue.
According to the duo, the project was sanctioned under Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJKV) in 2020 with a funding ratio of 90:10 with the Centre funding 90% of the project and State government providing 10% of the fund. Accordingly, the forum claimed that the first instalment had already been released. However, they expressed shock that even though construction work was yet to begin, the bill had been released.
They said citizens of Niuland was beginning to suspect and wonder whether the project was being converted to a ghost one, “another suitcase companies managed by shell company created by the department concerned.”
They pointed out that Niuland district that was created recently had a huge populace and required many facilities for development, most importantly a good hospital with a proper facilities, stating that this was the top priority for the people at this juncture.
NACF regretted that the project was nowhere to be found, which was a matter of serious concern for the citizens of Niuland and surrounding areas.
Keeping in mind some of the major schemes and projects that were supposed to be implemented in Niuland back then and diverted to other districts, the forum however expressed faith in the State government, hoping that it would bring something good for the people of the district.
NACF said that the forum would not remain silent again to denial of the basic needs as had happened in the recent past. They said they would continue to pursue the matter until the 200-bed hospital project was implemented.
The forum also warned of protest if the matter was not clarified within one week, adding that it would not be held responsible for any unwanted situation.


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