Monday, January 30, 2023

Nagaland: NPGN/NNC condemn ‘unauthorised meeting’

National People’s Government of Nagaland (NPGN)/Naga National Council (NNC) regions and “Naga Army”, in separate statements, have vehemently condemned the “unauthorised meeting of NPGN/NNC disgruntled elements” on August 30.
In separate statements, NPGN/NNC Chakhesan gregion, chairman, deputy kilonser, Chikoba, Sumi region, chairman, kilonser Abet Sumi, Rengma region, chairman, T K Rengma, Angami region, chairman, Chavilie Angami and Lotha region, chairman, kilonser, Zubenthung and NPGN/NNC “commander-in-chief Naga Army”, Mughavi Sumi have vehemently condemned the “unauthorised meeting by some disgruntled elements in violation of NNC yehzabo headed by master defector”.
The regions and “Naga Army” said it would not support or cooperate with any such “selfish elements”. It further extended support and cooperation to NPGN/NNC ato kilonser and co-convenor NNPGs, Hozheto Chophi.

Meanwhile, NPGN/ NNC regions and “Naga Army” have urged the Nagas to support the “legitimate government” of NPGN/NNC and not be misguided by the “selfish and vested interested elements”.

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