Monday, February 6, 2023

Nagaland Post impact: Authorities repair roads in Dimapur city

Staff Reporter

Reports on deteriorating roads in Dimapur city highlighted in Nagaland Post made impact as repairs have already begun as witnessed by this Reporter.
Roads in Dimapur were not being maintained and potholes became bigger by the month as water logging posed serious threat.
The state government took a swift call to respond to the matter where repairs of most of the roads were listed and identified for immediate repair etc.
The pathetic road condition in Bata Chariali fly over towards Railway Station has been repaired while the road leading to Hong Kong market area, was also repaired.
The pot holes in City Tower area were repaired while the water-logged area along GS Road was also being filled up with sand and gravel.
The recently repaired road at old MST that was undergoing rapid deterioration was also being repaired and potholes filled up with gravel. One of the residents around Clock Tower on Sunday noon, expressed appreciation to Nagaland Post for highlighting the deteriorating road on public domain.
Though appreciative of the reports in Nagaland Post and the response from the state government, most of those who this Reporter talked with however felt that years of neglect by the department concerned was unmistakable.
“It is the responsibility and duty of the state government and the concerned department to monitor the roads and to seriously look into the need for construction of road side drains”.
Another resident at GS Road, expressed profound gratitude to the concerned department for filling up the water-logged areas with sand and gravel.
He however said public should also not sit idly but complain to the department and bring it to the notice of the state government. He also opined that the business community in the area could also contribute in filling up potholes as part of social responsibility.
It may be noted that most of the roads, as published in this paper needing repairing, were undergoing repair works.

Bata Chariali fly over road towards Railway Station repaired. (NP)
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