Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Nagaland tops NE in beekeeping and honey-making

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Agricultural production commissioner (APC) and Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) mission director Y Kikheto Sema on Monday informed that Nagaland topped in beekeeping and honey-making among all states in the North East, in terms of both quality and quantity.
Speaking as chief patron at the ‘4th Nagaland Honey Bee Day 2022’ at NBHM Multi Utility Centre at Chümoukedima here on Monday, Kikheto said there was a huge potential for employment generation in beekeeping in the State. Further, due to its huge economic prospects, he said NBHM was acting as a catalyst to promote beekeeping. The utility centre of NBHM was accessed by university students from the entire Northeast to study beekeeping, while NBHM officials were often invited by other states to provide training and awareness on beekeeping, he said. The APC thanked officials of the mission for their hard work and dedication and for many more activities undertaken by NBHM. Kikheto urged upon the officials to promote transformation from traditional to modern methods of beekeeping.
He also estimated that out of the total area of 16,579 sq km area of Nagaland, there was a huge potential for beekeeping on 10,942 sq km area. He said if the entire potential was properly tapped, honey production would increase to 10,000 metric tonne (MT) and bee to 10 MT annually.
Kikheto emphasised that beekeeping should not be concentrated only at designated areas, but extended to every nook and corner of the State for economic prosperity of all. He also disclosed that NBHM’s vision was to produce four lakh bee colonies by 2030 on a scientific manner, which would allow the State to earn upto Rs 100 crore annually.
Currently around 440 mt per year is been harvested, so if 195 mt should be added every year then it will achieve the target and vision. Kikheto said that to achieve this, Beekeeping should not be concentrated only in particular designated areas but should be expanded so that the benefits and economic prosperity reached every nook and corner of the state.
In this regard, he appealed to officials to create awareness and promote beekeeping in every nook and corner of the State.
The APC said there was high demand for Nagaland honey but that it could not be met. He therefore, urged upon the officials to increase honey production from the current 440 MT (approx) by another 195 to 200 MT annually. He also said the Central government was willing to provide necessary assistance.
He urged the mission officials to identify potential areas and lay emphasis on skilling, training and cluster areas.
Kikheto stressed on the potential of agro-based industries to benefit the state economically, since there was no the potential for large and medium industries.
He also said that the Northeast in general and Nagaland in particular were untouched by the green revolution despite everything being grown was organic.
The programme was chaired by agriculture officer and NBHM team member Bokali A Chikhe and the welcome address delivered by additional secretary and NBHM team leader Hotolu Swu.
Success stories on Beekeeping and Honey Mission were shared by VDVK Chukitong, Wokha, Shancholo Ezong and Progressive Beekeeper, Bade village, Medopoyi.
A special number was also presented by Chanbemo Francis Kikon, short speech by Central Institute of Horticulture Dr Moasosang Longkumer, vote of thanks by deputy NBHM team leader Khuvozoyi and benediction offered by parish priest, OLMCC, Chekiye Village, Rev Fr Johnson Vadakkepurathan.

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