Friday, January 27, 2023

Nagaland wins big at 5th Goodwill Open National Taekwondo Championship

Faith in Action Taekwondo Academy Nagaland has emerged as the overall champions by winning 41 medals in the recently concluded 5th Goodwill Open National Taekwondo Championship from December 28 to 30, 2022 in Nazira, Assam. The Nagaland team bagged 21 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze medals in Kyorugi, individual Poomsae, Pair Poomsae and Group Poomsae Taekwondo events.
Gold medallists in Kyorugi are: Tiayanger Imsong, Kevin, Kitenlo K. Thono, Jon, Litam Justin, Gwahilo Kent and Liike Kibami. Silver medallists: Imnatoshi Longkumer, Retuwn Philio Anal, Vitope Sheqi and Mohima Chaudhary. Bronze medallists: Tinoto Swu, A. Vipu Assumi, Sebastian Thatal, Aman Kumar Ray, Rachel Kikon, Tina Thapa and Varshita Bothra.
Gold medallists in individual Poomsae event are: Tiayanger Imsong, Jon, Imnatoshi Longkumer, Gwahilo Kent, Retuwn Philio Anal, Diana D. Chishi, Liike Kibami, Rachel Kikon and Tina Thapa. Silver medallists: Kevin, Aman Kumar Ray, Vinay Kumar Bothra, Hoichem Aimee and Varshita Bothra. Bronze medallists: Bautok Melvin, Litam Justine, Sebastian Thatal and Sentiyapang Longkumer.
Gold medallists in pair Poomsae event are: Kitenlo K. Thono, Diana D. Chishi, Bautok Melvin, Hoichem Aimee, Vitope Sheqi, Tina Thapa, A. Vipu Assumi and Mohima Chaudhary.
Gold medallists in group Poomsae event are: Tinito Swu, Molongsunep and Vinay Kumar Bothra.
Students from Livingstone Foundation International, Little Star Hr. Sec. School, Christian Hr. Sec. School, Little Angels School and Herbert Spencer School participated in the event led by master Deep Kumar and master Tiayanger Imsong.

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