Monday, January 30, 2023

Nagland: Eri farmers trained on ‘innovative applications’

Two-day training on “management practices of silkworm and silk using traditional and innovative applications” for Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) was organised by State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) on August 30-31 at SAMETI, Medziphema.
A press release by SAMETI, Medziphema informed that during the training, the participants were trained on the topic of value addition on ericulture – eri rearing management, eri silkworm pupae pickle, eri finished product, package of practices of castor -cultivation and its management, post-harvest processing of eri cocoons and silkworm (eri) rearing management.
Resource persons for the training were district sericulture officer, Kohima, Vilhousienuo Khro, training assistant, Khrielie Solazuo, extension officer, department of sericulture, Dimapur, Ngoiang Ongh and Petekrietuo Medom.
During the process of the training, various prospects on rearing of ericulture and silkworm was discussed and shared in uplifting the farmer’s income through different traditional ways of harvesting silk from silkworm and value added products.
The Agricultural Technology Management Agency officials were also taken to a field visit at sericulture farm, so as to encourage and boost the morale of the farmers by understanding the concept of technicalities to modern technique in due course of time.

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