Thursday, December 8, 2022

NBCC appeal on sesquicentenary celebration

A day after the apex church and tribal body of the Ao community– Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang and Ao Senden, had expressed dismay over the State government’s directive issued to all AHoDs and HoDs to be in station for President’s maiden visit to Nagaland coinciding with sesquicentenary celebrations, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) said the directive has “created undue stress and regret at this juncture.”
In a statement, NBCC general secretary Dr. Zelhou Keyho said ABAM sesquicentennial celebration was not only historic to the Ao community but also to the whole of Nagaland.
Since it is an important celebration, NBCC requested the government to make a viable alternative and allow the community to celebrate free from interference.
NBCC said the church would not impose its program on the state in this matter. However, since the preparation for the celebration had been long planned, NBCC said it has created an uneasy situation where many of the ABAM members would not be able to attend the jubilee celebration.
As Nagaland was in the year of celebrating the third Jubilee year, NBCC said “Christianity is 150 years old in our state and this gives us the reason to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the lives of our people and the church. We must never forget that Nagaland is a Christian majority state and we have all the reason to celebrate the history of Christianity.”
Reminding that the Gospel came to Nagaland through the soil of the Aos, Rev. Keyho said we are what we are today because of the gospel.
“We have all the reason to be thanking God for the gospel because ‘people walking in darkness have seen a great light’. We were once no people, we have not received mercy but now we have received and have become people of God,” he added.

Flags concern over infiltration of heretical teaching: Further, NBCC has flagged serious concern over the infiltration of heretical teachings into schools and church youth by a cult group– The Church of Almighty God.
NBCC said it had earlier raised similar concern regarding a Chinese cult group that was doing the rounds. It said ‘The Church of Almighty God’, which had been doing the rounds for several years outside India, has now penetrated into schools and church youths in Nagaland.
NBCC said that the group has been using credible Christian organizations to lure the people into their teachings.
While stating that it was always difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood, NBCC said the cult usually build their case from the truth of the Bible.
But when a person shows interest in the teaching, they slowly decode the fundamental truth in the fundamental belief system and replace with new teachings to suit their interest, it said.
NBCC, therefore, cautioned school authorities to watch out for such group coming and getting in touch with the students in the guise of counselling, conducting chapel and running camps for the student community.

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