Tuesday, December 6, 2022

NBCC Sesquicentennial Resolution and Pledge

Envisioning a future that honours God and serves towards extending His kingdom, we solemnly resolve:

  1. To intensify the ministry of care, support, and respect within the body of Christ. This we will do by recognizing and addressing needs and sharing resources in any manner possible, living up to NBCC’s motto: “Fellowship, Proclamation, and Service.”
  2. To stand true to the apostolic faith: rooted in the Bible, strong in foundational doctrinal affirmations, sensitive to the needs of people in all walks of life, and prophetic in nature – bold in calling out evils and committed to bringing the lost to repentance.
  3. To call our attention to the need to strengthen the family unit by the discipline of prayer and study of the Bible, righteous living, and nurturance of 1 healthy and wholesome growth in every aspect of life.
  4. To implement intentional Children and Youth ministries in and through the church, taking serious note of the alarming signs and dangers of the pervasive culture that does not promote biblical principles.
  5. To reinforce the importance and urgency of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by reaching out to the unreached world, taking the Gospel to the least and the lost without prejudice or discrimination, and giving equal importance to both home and intercultural missions.
  6. To regard people of both genders with equal dignity, and provide ministerial opportunities without gender bias, by encouraging and empowering them to utilize their God-given gifts and abilities to the fullest for the glory of God.
  7. To accept without reservation, people with disabilities who are also created In God’s own triage, and consciously work towards providing all means for them to feel included and valued by God and people, even considering their place and convenience in program designing and building structures.
  8. To actively participate in the task of creation care, taking our duty and privilege as custodians of the earth seriously, and working towards retaining her original state of goodness (Gen. 1:10, 18, 21, 25).
  9. To stand firm and be true to our commitment, as responsible citizens of the land and as agent of the Kingdom of God, by speaking the truth in love and by playing a proactive role on issues of Christian social responsibility
  10. To work for greater unity and better understanding among various groups of people through cessation of various pursuits and conflicts that divide and damage the historical harmony of the Nagas.
    To this end, we affirm our shared oneness and resolved to stand in the gap in our collective search for political solution that is non-violent, just and honourable.
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