Friday, December 2, 2022

NBCC’s 10-pt commitment addressed to politicians, govt employees: Cong

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) said the 10-point Commitment adopted at concluding day of Nagaland Baptist Church Council’s (NBCC) sesquicentennial celebration was addressed to politicians and government employees, a call for them to change. In a press note, NPCC president K Therie said there was not a point in the resolution that could be ignored and that it was also a call to all sections of people of Nagaland.
He noted that 150 years of Christianity was being celebrated where 95% of rural people were Christians. As a layman Christian, Therie said that he felt unqualified to celebrate for he believed that one could celebrate only when he or she was satisfied with performance. Therie said that though Nagaland has many Judas Iscariots, Nagaland was acknowledged as a Christian State by even BJP and RSS.
He stressed that the church wanted people to stand true to apostolic faith, rooted deeply in the Bible and strong in foundational doctrinal affirmations. To actively participate in the task of caring for God’s creations, he stressed taking the duty and privilege as custodians of the earth seriously and working towards retaining the original state of goodness.
Therie said the 10-point Commitment was also a call for all to work for greater unity and better understanding among various groups of people through cessation of selfish pursuits and conflicts that divided and damaged the historical harmony of Nagas. This call was a reflection of the present disorderly situation that shamed the Christian State, he said and hoped that deliberations would strengthen everyone.

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