Tuesday, February 7, 2023

NCM celebrates ‘10th anniv concert’

Staff Reporter

With a selection and presentation of 21st century and Asian choral composition, popular songs, classical music and Christmas carol, Nagaland Conservatory of Music (NCM) celebrated its ‘10th Anniversary Concert’ Sunday evening at IMC Dimapur.
In his opening remark, Rev Brian John, a faculty of NCM, said that having realized the need for trained musicians and qualified music teachers in the Indian sub-continent as well as in South Asia, Nagaland Conservatory of Music (NCM) was established in 2012 with prayers and support from friends worldwide.
He said that the mission of NCM was to prepare students as musicians, scholars, teachers and to provide the community with performance, scholarship and education.
He stressed that in the last 10 years of its existence, NCM was successful in providing specialized music education and professional training at the highest international level, enabling students to develop musical skills, knowledge, understanding etc. This, he said enabled many to contribute significantly to the musical life not only within India but also internationally. He further noted that NCM also represented Nagaland and India in countries like Norway, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Ireland.
Rev Brian also said that NCM currently has musicians and artiste from Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Hyderabad, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Philippines, Korea and France, who have enrolled at NCM for their professional practices/career whilst contributing tremendously to the local community.
The celebration started with a prelude by NCM guitar ensemble enthralling the gathering with their performance.
Various choral songs were performed by NCM, like “Lux Aurumque”, “Conversion of Saul”, “Majemsanger Naro”, “Mhesho Mheghi Kivi” etc.
Delivering the concluding remark, NCM director Lipokmar Tzudir recalled that though many wished take up music as a career, there was no such opportunity earlier. However, with time and by the God’s grace, Lipokmar said he along with two others got the opportunity to study Music abroad.
This was how the journey and the dream NCM began, he said.
He also lamented that despite Nagaland having hundreds of schools, there were hardly 10 schools that offer music as curriculum. Similarly, he said though there were over 1500 Churches in Nagaland, there were hardly 20-30 qualified musicians in the church ministry. In this, he was of the opinion that there was more to do, to bridge the gap.

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