Wednesday, March 22, 2023

NDPP, NPP candidates kick off election campaigns


NDPP candidate for 14 Southern Angami-I, Medo Yhokha and NPP candidates for 24 Angetyongpang A/C, S Maongkaba Ozukum and C.Kipili Sangtam for 59 Seyochung -Sitimi A/C kicked off their election campaigns on February 17 and 18.
In his address, Medo said that during the last two years, not much could be done due to the pandemic, which affected everyone including governments, worldwide.
He said that whatever the government could execute for constituency during the last tenure, did not end there as it has long term vision, for sustainability and posterity.
He said that the pre-poll coalition focus mainly on youth, skill development and entrepreneurship, farmers and micro-financing.
S Maongkaba Ozukum while kicking off the campaign at Sungkomen, Tongdentsuyong and Alempang wards on Saturday said that he was contesting the election to be “a humble servant of the people for the constituency as well as the state”. He reminded the youth that the future lies in them and that his vision was to promote games and sports development and to skill the youth, for self-sustenance. Short speeches were delivered by ex-candidate Sashimar, NPP 24 Angetyongpang A/C president and hosts of constituency supporters.
Former minister, C.Kipili Sangtam kicked off his poll campaign at Seyochung town on Saturday.
In his speech, he said that government job cannot be made accessible to all young unemployed youths but his priority will be to give maximum benefit to young people through different schemes and projects.
“As a Christian once we promise anything is life we should not go against it”, he said.
He also urged his supporters to pray for a better and honest leader in this election.
NPP president Nagaland Unit, Andrew Ahoto, who also spoke at the campaign said the vision of NPP was “One People One Northeast”.

Medo Yhokha addressing election rally in Kohima.
NPP supporters at the rally at Seyochung on Saturday. (NP)

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