Thursday, March 30, 2023

NDPP Youth organization reacts to Dr. Jamir’s statements

NDPP Youth Organisation is left baffled by series of outrageous statements made by former Chief Minister and former Governor Dr. S.C Jamir, who has been nonchalantly critical of the affairs of the State Government, questioning the progressive policies and decisions of the Government, his recent interviews expose his mindset and his reluctance to cope with changing times.
His deliberate attempts to divide the Nagas into different blocs while playing one section against the others must be condemned by every right-thinking citizen. It is to our utter dismay that a leader such as the former Governor and Chief Minister Dr. S. C. Jamir’s persistence in irrationally critiquing every government’s noble initiative, which is quite unbecoming; also stooping to the extent of publicly mocking democratically elected Legislators, is unexpected of a respected veteran of his stature. His agenda-driven opinion on mired issues is now a regular affair and Naga people are well aware of his attempts to distort Naga history.
It’s sad to observe that a person of his age and stature is attending functions or programmes of little school children and inaugurating shops and in the process, speaking divisive politics and spreading agenda propaganda.
He is perhaps very determined to assert his own narratives and create unrest in the State that he’s not sparing even innocent school students with distorted Naga history.
Therefore, it is advised that the veteran should focus on exhortations that benefit children, who need to be inspired and motivated to achieve great things rather than confusing them and bringing his stature so low down.

  1. The creation of new districts in the state was initiated by heeding the voice and the desire of the common people for equitable progress and development. The government has made a conscious decision in order to fulfill the aspirations of all sections of society, which will generate more opportunities and avenues for the citizens. It is a fact that the Indian Government has also bifurcated many new states and Districts following the same principle for efficient and effective governance, paving the way for development at an incredible pace. Similarly, the Government of India is considering increasing the State Assembly seats and parliament seats for Nagaland is much welcomed news, respectable representation of the Naga people in the Parliament will be more impactful and beneficial. More State Assembly constituencies will usher in equal representation and equitable development for all sections and efficiency in governance and administration.
  2. Dr. S. C. Jamir was Chief Minister of Nagaland 20 years back and it was during his regime many evils that plaques our Naga society today were introduced, It was during his regime that civil society and the Naga tribal family were divided into different blocs. He was also responsible for always taking sides instead of uniting the Naga people. It was also during his time that elections malpractices and suppression of democratic principles were introduced in Naga society. Was he not the one who introduced toppling games, instability, polarizations, breaking up of tribal bodies, using gun and money power in elections and so many more evils in our society? The Naga people have been struggling to weed out such practices since then to uproot all obsolete and evil practices sown in society when the former Chief Minister Dr. S.C Jamir was at the helm; therefore he has absolutely no moral authority to lecture the Naga society today.
  3. In the present context, the Naga People are witnessing a conglomerate of Civil Society Organizations (CSO), National workers, Political Parties all cohesively and tirelessly working for an acceptable and final solution to the protracted Naga Issue. Dr. S. C. Jamir must not confuse the masses with his self-aggrandizing narrative to further divide and disintegrate the Nagas, which will have irreparable consequences. He should recollect how, back in 1998 when the collective Naga civil society made a clarion call for “No Solution No Election”, it was Dr. S. C. Jamir, the then Chief Minister and the congress party who did not listen to the people’s demand and went on to file nominations, and went on to form an unpopular government that will always remain a dark era etched in the history of Nagas. Dr. S. C. Jamir authored and published the infamous “Bedrock of the Naga Society”, attempting to distort the history of the Naga struggle and also greatly dishonoring the sacrifices of the pioneers and martyrs who have laid down their lives for the Naga cause. He must accept the truth that his failure to perform his duties as the head of the state saw his party being ousted from power and the Congress Party rooted out completely from the state, Dr. S. C. Jamir should seriously reflect on how he has failed the Nagas time and again.
    Unlike the old regime, the NDPP coalition Government led by Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Neiphiu Rio enjoys the mandate and the trust of the Nagas, the Government after coming to power, have endeavored to provide an all-inclusive, clean and efficient system of governance with a clear vision to usher in all round development in the state and also restore lasting peace, paving the way for ample opportunities in all aspects for the Naga People towards progress and a better future for the coming generations.
    Dated: 16/02/2023
    Issued by: Media cell, NDPP Central Youth Organisation

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