Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Need for Nagas to reconcileto both FA & AP, says Dr Jamir

Veteran Naga politician and former chief minister and governor, Dr. S.C. Jamir said as people of Nagaland “anxiously and prayerfully look towards the Prime Minister for his final word” on the final agreement for Naga solution, the people Nagaland should reconcile to both the Framework Agreement(FA) and the Agreed Position(AP) because these documents were drawn up and agreed on the basis of contemporary political realities.
In an article titled “Respect the voice of the people of Nagaland for logical conclusion of Naga political problem”, Dr. Jamir also reminded the signatories of both the agreement, to “adhere to the sanctity of their signatures” in the spirit of true Christianity and to uphold the spirit of Naga honesty.
Dr. Jamir maintained that the objectivity and systematic approach are the hall marks of any rational, pragmatic and reasonable analysis or understanding of the issues relating to the physical or social realm.
“This basic premise holds good if one desires to carefully comprehend and thoroughly analyze the entire gamut of the Naga political conundrum plaguing the hills of the people of Nagaland for more than six decades,” he said.
While highlighting the genesis of the Naga struggle, the veteran politician said the sanctity of this indisputable political genesis should be recognized by the Government of India while dealing with the Naga problem.

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