Sunday, November 27, 2022

Need to plan ahead for youths, says Medo Yhokha


There is a need to plan ahead for the youths and the younger generations, said advisor, Technical Education & Election, Medo Yhokha.
He was speaking as the special guest at the golden jubilee celebrations of Seiyhama Village Council, Chiephobozou, near here on Saturday.
He said many people, especially members of the community, tend to bask in the past glories, valor and often fail to move ahead even when others around them had made tremendous progress.
Yhokha observed that there was very little planning done for the future which many a times create stagnation in development.
He added that although there was a need for the people to uphold the values like honesty, discipline, obedience and other good habits, making progress in one’s life was equally important.
He pointed out that land and people had remained the same as the olden days however people’s ideas had now changed and if the people do not keep up with it then they would be left behind.
He urged the people of the village to weigh and understand the blessings they had been bestowed with and live accordingly.
As the village council had reached 50 years it was now time for all to look ahead and plan what the village would like to achieve when they reach 75 years and beyond, he said.
He asserted that each individual in their time as leaders, fathers and person in position should reassess themselves and work towards bringing the people closer, more understanding and create more friendships.
He also extended greetings on the occasion and said since Seiyhama was founded by two people who migrated from his native village Kigwema, the latter always had the best wishes for the village.
Earlier, the advisor unveiled the monolith erected in commemoration of the golden jubilee.
Sharing about the story about the village, GB, Thinuoneiu Thevo said the village was founded by two people who migrated from Kigwema.
He said the name of the village was derived from a big tree which used to be in the middle of the village.
Initially the village folks were led by GBs and in the year 1972 when the government gave the permission for villages to set up their panchayats, Seiyhama also formed its panchayat.
It may be mentioned here that Seiyhama is the last Angami village on the North side with Rengma village Sendenyu as its closest neighbour.
The village has over 360 households.
The jubilee celebration was chaired by Seiyhama village council chairman, Lhoulalie Zumu while head GB, Neitsolie Sopfünuo delivered the welcome address.
Seiyha Baptist Church pastor, Khriezelhou Sopfünuo invoked God’s blessings for the monolith unveiling while Christian Revival Church, pastor, Neizolie Sopfünuo offered the benediction.
Seiyha Phesa VC chairman, Lhouvizolie Metha proposed the vote of thanks.
Special number “Seiyhazou geizo” was presented by K Vituonuo Thevo, while Seiyhazou peli krotho presented a folktune.
The celebration was attended by leaders from various neighbouring villages.

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