Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Negotiations have officially concluded; GoI must take decision: WC

Working Committee (WC), NNPGs convenor and GPRN/NSCN ato kilonser N. Kitovi Zhimomi on Wednesday categorically stated that the Naga civil societies organizations (CSOs) demanding honourable and acceptable political solution based on the understanding reached between Government of India and the Naga negotiating groups on October 31, 2019 “must be respected and honoured”
On behalf of the WC, NNPGs, Kitovi appealed to all sections of the Naga society that the “negotiations have officially concluded and therefore the political leadership of India must take the decision.”
Kitovi maintained that the Naga political issue belonged to all Nagas, whether young or old, and needed equal participation and responsibility.
He said that every Naga is a stakeholder and had every right to seek answers on the concluded political matters and that the culture of dictating Nagas through threats and intimidations was a thing of the past.
Kitovi also said that the NGBF extending its elderly platform to 27 CSOs of Nagaland on June 21 at hotel Saramati was a powerful statement in itself.
He further said that generalizing and alleging that the Naga political groups were deliberately delaying political solution for personal reasons and ambition was “vague and unfounded.”
“The misty cloud over Nagaland and Naga homeland has evaporated and the sky is clear. The dust has settled and it is visible to the Naga people as to who are playing chameleon’s role and delaying the Indo-Naga solution,” Kitovi said, adding that the people must speak out boldly and call a spade a spade.
He also noted that WC had been the emissary and political agent of the Naga tribes, that was “fully integrated and blended with the apex tribal bodies, customary institutions and other ground rooted CSOs to negotiate with GoI and secure honourable and acceptable political solution for the Nagas.”
Asserting that it had sincerely and transparently represented the Nagas, irrespective of state boundaries, he said they have not compromised on core principles and values of Naga history, identity and political rights.
Kitovi, therefore, hoped that the Nagaland CSOs forming the Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC) would re-energize the people to actively take part in the peaceful democratic expression to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi fulfills his declared commitment to the Nagas.


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