Thursday, November 30, 2023

NEISSR hosts session on ‘developing peace process in Manipur’

The North East Institute of Social Sciences and Research (NEISSR) hosted an insightful session on “Developing Peace Process in Manipur” on November 13 at 7th Mile Chümoukedima, featuring Professor Fr. Walter Fernandes, from North Eastern Social Research Centre, Guwahati.

A press release from NEISSR administrator informed that the event was held in order to bring together researchers, students, and members of Peace Channel to delve into the imperative question of “how” to foster peace.

During the session, Fr. Walter Fernandes emphasized on the pivotal role that Nagaland and Mizoram must play in initiating the peace process.

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He stressed that peace was not solely achievable through official political actions but necessitates active involvement from civil societies, researchers and students.
According to him, true peace transcends the absence of armed conflict and embodies the creation of a just and harmonious society.

The professor also highlighted the significance of fostering dialogue among diverse communities, such as the Kukis and Nagas, grounded in principles of generosity, unity and justice.

He proposed the initiation of a dialogue between the Nagas and Kukis in Manipur, with the Nagas of Nagaland taking the lead.
Fernandes passionately urged for collective action, expressing confidence that facing the challenges of dialogue with communities in Manipur could pave the way for reconciliation.

He further envisioned the Nagas engaging with Naga groups in Manipur, and the Mizos dialoguing with the Kukis, fostering a sense of unity, while acknowledging that the process may take time and stressed the need for a spirit of challenge, generosity, and hope to guide Manipur towards reconciliation, justice, and resource-sharing.

Later, he urged everyone to come together, discuss actionable steps and not leave the people of Manipur to fend for themselves and called for initiatives from Nagaland to support the brothers and sisters in Manipur by offering hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation as paths towards a shared future.


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