Friday, December 2, 2022

NIDA’s imbroglio

“Doctor khan tu Iswor nishina he asey dey”. That was what my Mom used to say when I was growing up. Little as I was, little did I know that the statement would somehow ring true when I could finally grasp the underlying meaning of her statement. Blasphemy? I believe otherwise.
When my elder brother was sliding away (he passed away), when two of my elder sisters were in the operation theatre, when my Mum was admitted to a hospital, when my Sis-in-Law was giving birth, and the multitude of times many close friends and known persons, my trust was laid on Doctors. But yes, my prayers did go up; some were answered, some weren’t.
To become a Doctor, it takes just months shy of 6 years. To become a specialist after rigorous MBBs, 3 years is what one has to invest. And who has considered the in-between months or years from MBBS to becoming a specialist? So, once one becomes an employable “Doctor”, the Doctor has already invested more years than someone legible to be a high ranking official. World Health Organization says 1:1000 is the appropriate ratio against Doctor and patient ratio. But in Nagaland, 1:4000 or more is a reality as stated by reliable sources.
The Nagaland In-Service Doctors’ Association (NIDA) and the Government of Nagaland are presently at Loggerheads over the issue of Superannuation. NIDA has been demanding for 62, the Government is not budging beyond 60. And what age is the limit for a person who runs the Government, be it Central or State?
I present no data or Statistics, but I still believe in the statement my Mum made while I was growing up – Blasphemy? India celebrates Doctor’s day every year on 1st of July. Let us continue to exalt our Doctors not just on 1st of July, but by acknowledging their service to mankind beyond 60. 62 is not a demand, it is a necessity.
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