Monday, February 6, 2023

Night carnivals in Dimapur

Staff reporter

After two years of restrain and lack of grand festivities, this year the celebration has come back with all luster and fun befitting the holiday month. The year saw a good turnover of revelers in various funfair organised in several parts of Dimapur.
The 10th edition of Dimapur night carnival jointly organised by the district administration, Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) and East Dimapur Business Association (EDBA) at Naga Shopping Arcade, Supper Market, culminated on December 17. However, that does not end the array of merriment that has been organized in almost all the colonies and parts of the city.
Talking to a stall vendor at the night carnival in Supermarket about the crowd and the buzz of the city this year, he stated that there were not many people in the early days of the carnival however that changed as more people with their family and friends started visiting the place.
A reveler in the crowd stated her elation and joy on things returning back to normal and enjoying the ambiance without restrain and fear.
Naharbari colony, Purana Bazar also organised its very first night carnival at the Naharbari ground from December 12 to 17.
One of the organiser informed that motive behind organizing the funfair was to bring people from all kind of community and walk of life to gather together for the merry making. She also stated that the stalls were opened by all kinds of groups, SHG of Padum Pukhri had set up there stall, the auto drivers of Naharbari had their separate stall and many other individuals and groups had their stalls set up for the carnival. The stalls included games, sports, local food, beverages etc.
Like Naharbari many other colonies and areas were seen initiating their own variety of funfair for the people with the view to celebrate and enjoy the holiday buzz in the city.

Crowd at the stalls set up in Naharbari night funfair. (NP)
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